FOOTBALL: Wake Forest Post Game – Bronco Mendenhall

FOOTBALL: Wake Forest Post Game – Bronco Mendenhall

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hard fought football game. And congratulations to Wake
Forest and the progress they’re making in coach
Clawson’s third season. I think he does a nice
job managing his team in a style of play that fits of
his institution and the talent base that they have. I really like the
way that our team responded after being
challenged at halftime. And the urgency and the
mindset was improved. The difference in the
game today was Wake Forest took the ball away three times,
and we didn’t take it away any. And there might be other
storylines that branch off from there, but really,
you can trace that to that was the difference in the game. We were able to steal one
back, a possession back, with our pop up kick, which
was executed really well. And so I would say
that shrunk it down to two extra possessions. But one of the turnovers
went for a touchdown, and another was short field. And another led to three points. So difference in the
game in my opinion was just the ball
security and takeaways. So I’ll take questions
if you have some. [INAUDIBLE] said on Monday
I think, [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Sure. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, I think so. And I think reckless
isn’t the intent. I think just forcing is a
more appropriate descriptor. And sometimes you’re
going to get sacked. And even though we need yards
and even though the situation calls for a first
down, sometimes better to take that than deliver
the ball in traffic. And he’s trying to extend
plays so long and so hard. And I applaud him for that. But just he doesn’t have
to do it all by himself. And so I think forcing
would be just the closer way that I would– that would
be a more applicable term. [INAUDIBLE] Yes. [INAUDIBLE] Man, I think there was
some use of tempo there. I think we were
a little bit more unpredictable on early downs. And so they weren’t
able to just zero in, get a great feel for us. And then we were just
executing at a higher level with better intent. The second half
today, or this game wasn’t a game of lack
of effort or intent. This was an execution driven
ball security game, which when you play close games,
which Wake Forest plays, those kind of things
make the difference. [INAUDIBLE] is there
much difference to the play based
scrambling [INAUDIBLE] they pick it off both
times [INAUDIBLE]? Yeah. Certainly, the
scrambling around is one of the things
he does really well. Where the ball is
delivered, there just has to be a really
quick assessment. The one that went
for a long, long ways we were behind everyone. And really it could be
our player or nobody, unless it was
severely under-thrown. The other ones, lots
of bodies in there. And no matter how hard he
tried to elude rushes and keep the play alive, once
the ball is held that long and there is traffic,
good chance that it’s not going to end well. I think that’s at least
the fifth game you’ve played in the fourth quarter. Is there a mindset
that has to be changed? Man, that’s a great statistic. If it is, I wasn’t
aware of that. Maybe just simply
management of the football. And you know, I haven’t gone
through each of the five, if that’s the case, where
we had leads and then– Oh, I like those. So the other three. It’s a fine line, I guess,
because we’re working really hard to win football games. And sometimes I might be pushing
the envelope a little too fast in terms of the
aggressive nature of what we’re doing in relation to
our capability to pull it off. That’s a theory,
just in relation to what you just asked me. I don’t know. This team hasn’t won a lot. Do you have to learn how to win? Certainly. Certainly, certainly. And our halftime today and
just how we handled the team reflected that. And we are making significant
strides in the resiliency and the resolve of this
team and playing to the end. I can see it, and I can feel it. And now as a staff,
putting the right players in the right positions
at the right time, executing at a
high enough level, once you’ve earned the right
for pressure, that is earned. You’ve got to earn the right
to get in those pressure situations. And then the next step is
the execution has to hold. And I’m optimistic. And I’m encouraged. And the lessons
are so, so clear, but also really
poignant and painful when it doesn’t go our way. [INAUDIBLE] There was just one
simple message. And it’s a delicate balance
because the first half I think we were really
scheme aware of what they were doing and looking to match
and to fit and to be precise. But that didn’t have the right
mindset in addition to it. And so we needed to add the
mindset to the execution. And then we probably kind
of erred a little bit the other way. And so finding the right
blend of aggressive play, passionate play, and play
to really make a difference, but within your scheme,
within your technique, and within your responsibility,
these guys right now they tend to go outside of that,
rather than play within that. And so in answer to your
question, the mindset with the execution,
not one or the other. That was basically the message. And I thought we were a
little light on the mindset in the first half. After giving up the ball on
touchdown [INAUDIBLE] defense [INAUDIBLE]. I was. I was. They did well. And interestingly
enough, the quarterback I give him credit because
there was a d-line twist to take away the inside
and a linebacker blitzing. So I haven’t seen the film. But how he got through
those guys, I don’t know. But other than that play,
we had a great chance to win the game by how
we played defensively. [INAUDIBLE] And last week as well. I would say there’s momentum
being generated there. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. I wish I had an answer for you. I’ve never been part
of anything like that. And so I’m anxious to
see just the effort and resolve of our guys
going after the player that intercepts it. Yeah, I haven’t been part of
something like this before. [INAUDIBLE] and I guess kind
of an extension of what you did last week [INAUDIBLE]. Then you went back
to it [INAUDIBLE]. What was that
balance [INAUDIBLE]? Really trying to find rhythm
and tempo to move the football. And what fits us best in
relation to not week to week only, but circumstance by
circumstance within the game. And we seemed a little
bit, with the exclusion of the first drive, which
was masterful– I mean, that was right on
point– then it kind of seemed like we were struggling
to find our exact rhythm and identity. And I will say that I think
Wake Forest has a good defense. And I enjoyed watching
the film on them. And so they did a nice job. It looked like
Bradshaw, he goes in. Yeah. And we can’t really
talk about injuries, but did he hurt what he hurt
before or was it something new? It’s the same. Coach, you mentioned
a couple of weeks ago [INAUDIBLE] because
he’d taken a shot at the shoulder [INAUDIBLE]. He seems to have kind of
reverted back to that. It seems like he’s panicking
at the first sign of pressure and seems to [INAUDIBLE]. Have you seen that
from a quarterback? That kind of regression
back to that [INAUDIBLE]? I’ve seen a lot
of things in terms of the development of people. And a lot of times, what
has worked and worked really well at a certain
level of play, it’s hard to not go back to that
when you’re able to scramble and move and create. And what we’re finding is
just the better and better and the longer and
longer and the teams were playing, the
defenses, that there is poise and patience
and just decision making work that will come. And I think it will come. And those lessons are hard. And especially at a
position like that where it’s so visible. Anything else? Thanks, guys.

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