FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech – Post Game

FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech – Post Game

I’m proud of my team. I love the kids that I coach. I thought they battled
and played very hard. I think they value this game. I think they value
playing Virginia football, and I think they
represented us really well. Congratulations to Virginia
Tech and Coach Fuente on their victory. It was a great
college football game. I’ll take whatever
questions you have. So there’s just
a zone read play. I told them I was proud of them. I told them they
played really hard. After the Sutton interception,
and you had the ball at the 11, did you feel at that point that
the field goal would be enough? I was really hopeful
for a touchdown there, but yeah, I thought the
field goal would be enough. But it really didn’t
change the situation before we kicked the field goal. They still needed a touchdown. So the long scramble play that
was a jump ball that they made the catch on was a big play. What was the difference
offensively in the second half? Poise and execution. We just were much cleaner
with our poise up front and our execution
and a clearer idea of what they were vulnerable to. Just a scramble drill. Their quarterback
was running around. We had good coverage
with probably our best coverage player, and their
player made a really nice play. Yea, so scramble drill,
and he rebounded the ball better than we did. We just we just were able to
dial in more appropriate plays with better execution. Yeah, it’s tough. It’s part of the growing
pains of building an exceptional program. Can’t get closer than
we currently are, and there’s not
much else to say. What about Joe Reed’s
progression as the season’s gone on. It seems like he
makes big plays now. Yeah, last three games,
he’s really emerged, and that’s helped our point
production offensively significantly. When you add Bryce to Olamide
to now Joe, that helps a lot. What could you say about Bryce
that Bryce has [INAUDIBLE]?? I think he’s really tough,
and he’s a great leader. You said that in the last
couple series in regulation that they got kind
of conservative. I mean, were you
just hoping if you didn’t make a first down that
your defense was in the hole? No, we thought we could get
first downs and use the clock. The punt block in
the first half– was that a missed block or– Assignment mistake. What was the message to
the team at halftime? There wasn’t much
of a message other than we certainly
can play better. And we just focused on
assignments and execution. There wasn’t ranting and raving
or motivational speeches. It was just assignments
and execution. I don’t. Bronco, after the
game [INAUDIBLE],, do you even look at it those
terms at this point right now? I measure our
program every game. I’m not sure how much
closer the gap can get. I’m not only talking
this game, I’m talking about in
the ACC Coastal, and we’re making
significant progress. I think anybody can see it. And I’m gratified
by that, and I want these kids to have success. My team played really hard. They’re completely unified. They were resilient. They are resilient,
and they’re unified, and they don’t know
the word quit or stop or don’t try or any of that. They want to win, and
they expected to win, and it’s clear that they’re
getting close to being capable of winning wherever they go
and against whoever they play, certainly on our
side of the league and in a pretty
tough environment. Coach, what do you tell your
players after a game like this? They’ve still got to
prepare for another game. I told them I was proud of them. They have a chance to win eight
games and win a bowl game. You experienced this last
year, a close loss to Tech, and it would be tough to
overcome in the bowl game. How do you keep them– I don’t think our loss
to Tech had anything to do with our bowl game play.

28 thoughts on “FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech – Post Game

  1. Mannnnnnnn….this one was a tough one to swallow. I’m proud as hell of the resiliency of the Hoos to fight back and actually get back in this game but OMG…the missed opportunities will haunt this program until this time next year. VPI gave them every opportunity to play the hero and they just couldn’t capitalize and make the necessary plays. Still super proud of the program though. No one expected us to do anything this year. But if we just do the little things and not completely wet the bed in the first half, we win this one going away. Hopefully this fuels these kids to work EVEN harder during the spring and summer and we drag their asses all over the field next [email protected]….WAHOO-WA FOREVER!

  2. The Coaches lost this game! Poor time management. Why in the hell didn’t they go for first downs and not be conservative before the overtime?

    Your players came back and you all made the wrong calls.

  3. I don’t understand the play calling on the last two drives in regulation Virginia had. Play to win, not to lose. The first half play calls were just atrocious. Shades of Mike London. We lack a killer attitude. I would rather have beat VPI than make a third rate bowl game tbh.

  4. You're making progress but there are numerous games every year where you even admit you weren't fully prepared as you should've been?! No excuse for losing this game.

  5. Im sick of this team. 15 years is ridiculously embarrassing. My kids are 13 and 15 and have never seen uva beat the hokies. I graduated from uva with communications major and I'm communicating that we need to shut down shop.

  6. My freaken kid put a jacket over his little Perkins jersey cuz he was embarrassed at our neighborhood football party! Some odu grads kid told him to go home! We have low iq players is the reason we lose.

  7. Some how the ACC needs to say something about the fumble and the multiple dirty plays by vt this game is bullshit. It was lost way before the tech sent it to ot

  8. I'm done, I'm heart broken. Usually I'm happy it's a bowl season but I just don't care. It's over, I don't care about basketball season either I'm just done with UVa right now.

  9. We were the laughing stock of college football 3yrs ago. In the time since we have made huge steps to being not only competitive but we now expect to win games and have the talent to do so. As far as our offensive coordinator goes, I feel Perkins next year will be able to audible certain play call at the line. He should have spotted the one on one coverage at the line a little more and took advantage of the VaTech poor db's. Va Tech just simply had to many lucky thing fall their way.We as fans still should be proud of the direction this program is trending. Yes we didn't win last night's game but I truly believe this program is going to be very good for many year to come. Let's go Hoos.

  10. Overly conservative playing for the 2 series after we got the interception (up 28-24) lost this game. The coaches (particularly the OC) let the players down last night, simple as that.

  11. Played too conservative after we took the lead man…I blame it on the coaches bruh 😤😤😤 The boys played hard tho…just go win bowl game #GOHOOSGO

  12. UVA got sold a bill of goods with Bronco Mendenhall. The schedule was much easier than usual this year with victories over a bad UNC and Louisville team, sub-par Miami squad then Ohio and Liberty…this team should have done better than 7 wins. Indiana and Pitt were lost due to poor coaching. Bottom line is he faced the worst Virginia Tech football team since 1992 and lost. If Mendenhall could coach UVA would have won 9 or 10 games easily this year and went to a much better bowl game. He's had three years and if you peel back the surface most of the improvement is smoke and mirrors. This guy is a con man….

  13. As A HOKIE…..Coach Mendenhall seems like a Terrific Coach! Go Represent the State of Virginia in Your Bowl Game…..Hopefully We'll get A Chance to do the same.

  14. Don't let this 15th straight L to the good guys distract you from the fact that loluva is the only number 1 seed to lose to a number 16 seed.

  15. UVA play calling was terrible at the end of the game. But given the last 15 years of UVA losing to VT, and the fact that UVA has won only 10 games since 1980, I am pretty sure this is not a rivalry anymore and VT rivals are now Ga Tech and Pitt.

  16. I believe that the people who don't blame the coaching staff are probably friends of the staff.
    Bottom line is poor coaching and very poor time management lost the game.
    To quote someone "You play to win the game."
    When have have the ball in the redzone you don't need to be lazy and settle for a field goal.
    When you have a 2 touchdown lead Yes you can get a little lazy and start eating the clock.
    It's bad but I'm going to say it anyway.
    When we (UVA) had the lead in the back of my mind I was thinking something was going to happen, and it did.
    We should have won the game two weeks ago and that game should have never went into overtime and this game should have never went into overtime.

  17. Well it's 3 days after the game…. I did it. I burned my hoo picture of me with Mike london, tossed my foam stadium cushions, tossed my car flags and I'm changing my cats name from hooDhooboo to snooky.

  18. Nothing like seeing some of these class posts from VT fans being trashed still by classless UVA fans. 15 straight and can't beat VT when their team is devastated with injuries and inexperienced. Smh.

  19. Hokie here, We, of course, crack on Hoo coaches whenever we can, but Bronco seems like a straight up guy, congrats VT, no excuses, "we're close" (said by every coach ever but Bronco siill has the improvement arc to say that) Wearing the loss on his sleeve, pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Perkins for a great season. Yeah, VT won the game to make it 15 in a row, but it didn't feel like the same ole, same ole, the football gods and a couple random bounces determined this one with both sides making great plays amazing catches and comebacks. Things have changed.

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