FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech Highlights

FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] On a chilly night
in central Virginia, it is all eyes on
the Commonwealth, and more specifically,
the Hoos and the Hokies, who collide for a
90th all-time meeting here tonight in front of a
national audience at Scott Stadium. For Coach Bronco
Mendenhall, it is a chance to silence all
those questions he’s been hearing since the first day
he set foot in Charlottesville. When will the Cavaliers
break the streak? And if you can’t get
up for this game, well, you just might
not have a pulse. Looks at a four-man
front from Virginia. Fake the hand-off. This is Jackson, and he’s
hit in the backfield. Jordan Mack comes flying
in to knock him down. Virginia’s defense all over. It’s a loss of a yard
and now it’s fourth down. Two receivers right for
Benkert leaving the backfield. Atkins lines up
on the right wing. Hokies [INAUDIBLE]
on the pressure. Benkert rifles it
down the middle. It is caught by Joe Reed. Holds on across the 44 to
the 45, bounces to his feet, signaling first down. We’ve got two receivers to
the wide side of the field. Left one, right, now
the man in motion. That’s Phillips. Fake the hand off to him. Pressure coming again. Dumps the pass off to McMillian. He’s going to be
tackled by Jordan Mack. Outside of the left
[INAUDIBLE],, Mack came in, put a hard hit
to a hip of Peoples. There’s the snap. The hold Is down. Right footed kicker sends this
one high into the air and good. So the Hokies strike first. It’s 3 to 0. McClease on the right hip again
of Jackson out of the gun, two receivers to his
right, one to the left, takes the snap, blitz coming. Quick pass to the far
side, and it’s intercepted. Juan Thornhill jumps the route
and makes the interception at the 41. So the first turnover of the
day comes from the Hokies and if Thornhill could’ve
somehow kept his feet, he might still be running. There’s the snap. Hold is down, kick is up. It’s got the lay, but the
kick misses wide right. Out of the shotgun, Benkert
[INAUDIBLE] in motion, takes the snap. Going to hand the ball
off to Chris Sharp. Sharp cuts it back up. Lost the football. Who’s got it? Hokies do. There’s the snap. Fake the hand off. Jackson throwing to the back
of the end zone, man open. It is caught. Touchdown. Cunningham holds onto the
Hokies after the first touchdown of the game. It’s 9 to 0 with
the PA team pending. Benkert rolling to his right. Looks [INAUDIBLE]. Very good out. He’s going down for Levrone. Levrone reaching
over the shoulder. He made the catch. Andre Levrone catches it
at the 41 a Virginia Tech and double coverage. What a play. It is a sight we’ve seen too
many times through the years– Hokie fans on their feet
cheering another Virginia Tech win in the Commonwealth clash.

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  1. Why was the offensive playcalling so trash? We have 12 yards on 15 carries…. lets run on 3rd and 9, lets run on 3rd and 15 also. IF RUNNING DOESN'T WORK DON'T FORCE IT. (Like if you agree)

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