FOOTBALL: Victory Monday – Ohio

FOOTBALL: Victory Monday – Ohio

The Hoos will play Ohio
tomorrow at 3:30 Eastern time at Vanderbilt Stadium. This game was moved
from Charlottesville because of Hurricane Florence. Today UVA coach
Bronco Mendenhall was asked how do you prepare
for a game like this? Well, It’s kind of a combination
of a road game and the bowl game and a hurricane
all at the same time. Good afternoon, and welcome
to Virginia football’s home away from home
here in the Music City of Nashville, Tennessee. Today, some 544 miles away from
Scott Stadium, the Cavaliers are getting set to
host the Ohio Bobcats in their first regular
season neutral site game since 1989 here at
Vanderbilt Stadium. There is the snap and
a play action pass. Here comes the pressure. And it surrounds Rourke. He’s sacked and coughs
up the football. Hanback falls on it
for the Cavaliers as Virginia appears to have
the football right back on a turnover out of the gates. Going to hand the
ball off to Ellis. Ellis with a big hole
on the left guard. He’s off and running. Charging along the hashmark. He’s all the way in. Touchdown Virginia. You couldn’t have scripted
a much better start here from the Music City. Bryce Perkins throwing to
the right side of Hill. He hits Zaccheaus. He slips a tackle. Here he goes with 35, 40. A block on threat. It’s a wrap. Racing on the sideline. It’s a wrap. On his way. Olamide Zacchaeus takes it all
the way to the house on what’ll go as an 86-yard passing play. Virginia has run two plays
and scored two touchdowns here in our opening minutes
from Nashville, Tennessee. Motion left to right. The handoff up the middle. Here goes Ellis. He’s got another gaping hole
across the 45 to the 50. Here he goes to 40, 35,
30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown Virginia! 75 yards for Jordan Ellis. We have seen more than
a few big plays already, and we haven’t even
played 10 minutes. Let’s go. Let’s go. What’s coming up? Really good job of
kicking vertical. Right? There’s the snap. And now throwing
over the middle. The pass is caught by Evan Butts
ahead across the 45 to the 46 is a first down. Takes the snap. Quick screen pass to
the left side to Ellis. Gets a lead block from Sharp. Takes it ahead. He drags the defender at the
ankles into the end zone. Touchdown Virginia. High snap, but controlled. And a handoff to Ouelette
who is absolutely belted and coughs it up. It’s picked up
going the other way. Hanback now fumbles
going into the end zone. It’s a dogpile in the end zone. Who’s got it? Ohio gets it back
at their own 1. My goodness. Claps his hands twice. Now takes it himself. He’s got the read option going. Going to pitch it
out to Ouelette. Ouelette is going to be stood
up short of the first down. Joey Blount comes over
to cut him down low. And Virginia’s defense comes
up strong on fourth down. Perkins takes the chest-high
snap going on a fade pattern to the end zone. Dubois goes up into the air. He makes the catch. Touchdown Virginia. Bryce Perkins, a
perfectly placed ball. And for the second
time in three plays, it’s that Perkins to
Dubois connection. This time it results
in a touchdown. Virginia doing
what they want when they want with 2:52 to play
here in the second quarter. Fires down the middle of
a field, and it is caught. 1:08 to go down
the second quarter. Rourke with a
straight drop back. Time to throw again. Fires down the sideline. He’s got a man open. It is knocked away
but not incomplete. It’s held onto. What a play. And Ohio 13 quick points
here in the last minute of this football game. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] That’s for the final
points of the half for UVA. Snap is up. Hold is down. Kick is on the way. Plenty of leg on this one. And it is perfect. So that will round things
out in the opening half as Virginia takes
what is a 38 to 21 lead into the locker room. All right. Back again here in
Nashville, Tennessee. Fourth down and 3. Bobcats are going for it
in the final six seconds here of this third quarter. Pocket collapsing. Fires over the middle. Knocked away incomplete. Bryce Hall gets a hand
on it to knock it free. Huge defensive stop for the
Wahoos who lead it 38 to 28. Third down and four
yards to go for Virginia. Perkins will take the snap. Four man rush. Bryce zips it to the near side. Zacchaeus comes back
where he’s got first down. And he’s on his horse running
across the 50 to the 45, 40. He’s behind the
defensive authority. Down the near sideline, 15,
10, 5, touchdown Virginia! Olamide Zacchaeus
all the way again. A monster play, and Virginia
with a much-needed touchdown. Back out in front 44-28. And Perkins takes one last
knee, and this one is official. 45 to 31, our final score here
from Nashville, Tennessee. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING]

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