FOOTBALL: UNC – Player Post Game

FOOTBALL: UNC – Player Post Game

[MUSIC PLAYING] We talk about winning
our one-on-ones all the time in team meetings. So any time, you know,
Bryce feels comfortable throwing me the ball, I just
got to win my one-on-one and make a play. So just happened to be,
you know, in the end zone. So I’m just happy I was able
to win my one-on-one there. They ran a corner blitz
from the boundary, so it was not the look
we were expecting at all. And it worked out somehow. I have no idea. But it was just
a great play by– I think Jordan Ellis was
able to come across the line, pick up the blitz. Bryce stepped up in the
pocket and made a great throw. And obviously our
line did a great job of protecting as well. And [INAUDIBLE] sold the
screen, so it really was just– that play didn’t happen
without everyone. It’s just an honor, honestly. I was just saying I’m really
grateful for the people that are helping me, especially
coming into college and just taking me
under their wing and showing me the
right way to do things, like Kane and Andre and Donnie. And Coach Hagans as well. So I’m grateful for those
people and everybody else that’s around me. And I just got to keep going,
keep working each week. The big thing for us was just
establishing a run this week. I feel like the O-line
started really fast for us, and that was huge for us– coming off a win on the road– for the O-line to
start that way. And then we kind of tailed
off a little bit at halftime but came back and, you know,
we finished the game strong. So it was really a group
effort, and a team effort. And it started up front. So getting the sixth win was
our expectation this year. There was never any question
whether we were gonna do it or not. Just, you know,
what are we gonna do after we get that sixth win? You know? We’re not gonna
take this lightly. I won’t allow the team
to take this lightly. We just got to keep preparing
as we’ve always been, and just be deliberate and intentional,
moving forward, especially with a short week coming up. So just got to keep preparing. You know, last time we had
a night game was Miami. And the crowd was
really electrifying. You know, we’re grateful
for those people that are coming out. Just hopefully they
can come out again. If not, it doesn’t matter–
we still have to perform. Well, we prepared for it. We kept on saying
all week, you know, it’s going to be a battle. Don’t relax. It’s not your
average 1 and 5 team. We looked at the film– just about all the
games was close. We actually thought
this was probably one of most talented offenses
we will play all year. Well, they left a running back
one-on-one and just kind of bull-rushed him, pushing him
aside, and then just got home. And actually I wasn’t
initially aiming for the ball. But when I swung around,
I just tried to swipe. And that was a big momentum
shifter for the whole game. And credits to Bryce and Hasise. They delivered when we
really needed it too. Complementary football. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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