FOOTBALL: UCONN Highlights 9/16/17

FOOTBALL: UCONN Highlights 9/16/17

[MUSIC PLAYING] Early Saturday football
here at Scott Stadium today as we welcome you to
Charlottesville, Virginia. Today it is the finale of a
three-game home stand open. This 2017 schedules
the Huskies of UConn come to town for
the fourth all time meeting between these teams in
the second in as many years. Today Virginia gets a chance to
avenge last year’s wild finish in East Hartford, Connecticut
and in the process try to restore any
momentum lost one week ago in this very stadium. There’s the snap waist high. Benkert good pocket, now
he’s scrambling to his right. Gonna tuck and run. He’s got the first
down and steps out of bounds scurrying over
to the far sideline right at the 22. Takes the snap,
hands it off to Hamm. Hamm takes it along
the right guard, plows his way into the
pile, touchdown Virginia. Daniel Hamm puts the
Hoo’s on the board first. It’s 6-0 following
a long scoring drive that covers 88 yards. They come from either side,
throws to the end zone. It’s intercepted. Nelson picks it off at the 3. He’s taking off down the right
side lane ahead to the 19. [CROWD CHEERING] Fakes the hand off. Now looks to run again. Fakes the pass. Now he’s scrambling
up the middle. The defense lost the football. It’s picked up by Micah Kiser
and Kiser cut down at the 3. There’s the snap. It was a little bit inside. But they get it down as the
kick is up, and it is good. Here’s Benkert on first
down for Virginia, a quick pass in another
nice play to Zaccheaues. Zaccheaues. across the
middle, across midfield racing along the left, hash mark, he’s
into UConn territory to the 42. Takes a snap, pump fakes, now
throws down the near side. He’s got Dowling
over the shoulder. He makes the catch. Walks into the end zone. [CROWD CHEERING] Touchdown Virginia. Kirk Benkert on a
42-yard rainbow touchdown strike as Virginia has
extended the lead at 16-0. Out of the the shotgun. Shirreffs takes the
snap, blitz coming. Micah Kiser blasts
him in the backfield. Fourth down and 2. Benkert out of the
shotgun, empty backfield. Ducks it a lot. He finds Zaccheaues. Zaccheaues. slips a tackle. [CROWD CHEERING] He’s got the first down and
then some dragging defenders across the 10 to the 7. Here’s Benkert out of the gun
on first down and goal to keep. Hands it off to Ellis. Ellis ploughing his way through
defenders pinballing his way to the end zone,
touchdown Virginia. The Cavaliers continuing to pour
it on here in the final minute of the second quarter. They’re going to take the
snap, fake the hand off. Now he’s scrambling. Micah Kiser reads it right. And he makes the tackle in
the back field at the 12. What a play for your senior. That is brains and
brawn all on display. Double tight set,
takes the snap. Wants to heave it down the near
sideline going to Andre Levrone reaches over the shoulder and
makes another big time catch. Fakes the snap, looks
left airing it out down the far side line. This one is over the shoulder
to Olamide Zaccheaues. Who makes the grab,
touchdown Virginia. Kurt Benkert coming up with
another beautiful bomb. Raining touchdown passes
here today at Scott Stadium. Benkert takes the snap,
empty backfield, pump fakes, lobbing to the near side
to Levrone all by himself. Makes the catch at the 50. Throws on the jets. Goodbye. Andre Levrone takes it to the
house, 73-yard catch and run. Virginia caps the
three-game home stand to start the schedule
with am emphatic 38 to 18 win here at Scott Stadium today. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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