Football Training Drills – Best Soccer Moves: Scissors

Football Training Drills – Best Soccer Moves: Scissors

how to do the scissors soccer move 1.with the ball slightly in front of you, step around the ball (clockwise for right foot and anti clockwise for left foot. 2. Drop the shoulder 3. As soon as you plant the foot on the ground move the ball to the opposite direction with the outside of the opposite foot. step clockwise around the ball TIP – keep the foot low Practice 1v1 Line Soccer Stop the ball on the end line to score a point Please Subscribe, like and comment

2 thoughts on “Football Training Drills – Best Soccer Moves: Scissors

  1. Please let us know if you would like to see any soccer (football of course) move, we'll do our best to do a tutorial.

  2. simple skill but hardly useful for me since i rarely have space (best case scenario 0:31 but rarely against good opponents so most of the time its like 0:40 where you'd get blocked with one step) so i prefer to flick the ball outwards in about 45 degree angle and then start the movement (you could continue with your opposite foot or take a step). still there are more adaptable skills than this.

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