Football to play a role in strengthening ties between the two Koreas

Football to play a role in strengthening ties between the two Koreas

Sports played a key role in drastically turning
around the soured inter-Korean ties. As such, there have been continued exchanges
and friendlies between Seoul and Pyongyang, the latest being an internatinoal table tennis
tournament. There are more joint sporting events lined
up, to keep this positive momentum going. Won Jung-hwan fills us in on upcoming footballing
exchanges. During the historic inter-Korean summit which
took place in April,… the two leaders agreed to strengthen ties through sporting exchanges. Since then,… the two Koreas have organized
joint events in basketball and table tennis. And this time, the spotlight turns to football. The Ministry of Unification has confirmed
on Thursday that South Korea has approved a trip by a group of young athletes to North
Korea to take part in an international youth football event. The under-15 football competition, which kicks
off next week, will feature 6 nations including Russia and China. And from South Korea,… some 150 athletes
and staff members will leave for Pyongyang on Friday, taking an overland route. It will be the first time that such a large
group of civilians have crossed into the North since the Moon Jae-in government took office. Meanwhile, the unification ministry has also
approved a trip by a group of North Koreans to South Korea to participate in an inter-Korean
workers’ football match on Saturday. The inter-Korean workers football match, which
was first held in 1999, will kick off at Seoul’s Sangam World Cup Stadium in front of an expected
30-thousand spectators. A delegation of 64 North Koreans will travel
to South by land on Friday for the event. North Korean athletes will also be heading
to the South later in August for the world shooting championship in Changwon, South Gyeongsang-do
Province. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

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