FOOTBALL: The Ohio ‘Hoos

FOOTBALL: The Ohio ‘Hoos

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s week three. Amid weather uncertainty,
schedule adjustments, and last-minute travel changes,
there is one certainty. Ohio is waiting. The Hoos will be forced to leave
the friendly confines of home to face the Bobcats
in Music City. The visitors will certainly
bring their brand of football cultivated on the Buckeye
State’s rich tradition and work ethic. The Hoos have two
Ohioans of their own in Chris Glaser and CJ Stalker. Glaser from suburban
Cleveland and Stalker from just outside
of Cincinnati, both embrace the unique
characteristics of their hometowns
but have nonetheless found a perfect academic,
cultural, and athletic fit in Charlottesville. Yes, I would say the sports
team is number one in Cleveland. I mean, you’ve got–
well, not LeBron anymore. But you had LeBron
there when I was there. You have the Browns. And I know they didn’t do
too well when I was there. But the fan base
there is just crazy. And especially the Indians with
making the World Series run. So that’s great. And then I think,
an hour away from me is Cedar Point, one of
the best roller coaster places in the world. First thing I think about
is the Skyline Chili. I don’t know. Glaser probably
didn’t say much about that because he’s not really
from the Cincinnati area. Just always growing up
going there with my family. And that’s something, I
think, really stands out to me as far as that being
something that I think of whenever I think about home. Football started in Ohio. Canton, Ohio
football was created. So football is huge in Ohio. You got tough teams everywhere. There’s not a single team that
I didn’t play in high school where they weren’t tough. Everyone is good, and everyone
can play at a high level. Players from Ohio, I don’t
meet too many flashy guys. You know just put your
head down and work. CJ does it, and he
shows that all day. And hopefully I
show that, as well. But I think everybody
from Ohio just knows that you’ve got to put
your head down and work and put on for your city, whether
it be from Cleveland or from Cincinnati. I mean from my high
school and sort of where I went the guys
that I played with, we’re not necessarily big, flashy guys but
guys that just sort of grind it all the time and maybe sneaked
under the radar a little bit. And that was really how
I was raised with my dad. My brother and I
always emphasizing sort of the competition
aspect of growing up. Whether it be carrying
wood in for the fireplace or outside shoveling
our driveway. And my dad wouldn’t
really let us do it any other way but perfect. We would cut grass, and
we had two tractors. And my brother and
I would always– I mean growing up I was on
there maybe 12 years old. I don’t know if that’s
a good thing or not. But my brother
and I would always sort of compete who could make
the lines the straightest. Who can make the
best-looking design. Whatever it may have been. And that was something I think
sort of stuck with my brother and I as we continued to
develop throughout high school and then, obviously,
throughout college and whatnot. My dad and my mom both worked
for everything they had. My dad, especially
being from Youngstown, and my mom growing
up in America Samoa, they earned everything they got. And nothing was
ever given to them. And I think coming
here to Virginia as that same attitude
and that same mindset. Earned, not given. And especially with
Cleveland, also being kind of a steel city,
you know just that grit. Know thy enemy. Know thyself. The values that make
Ohio are the same ones that sustain Bronco Mendenhall
and his Cavalier football program. Advancing the new
standard requires what Glaser and Stalker contribute. My high school,
specifically, and then others that even we competed against
in our specific league in high school, I think
a lot of those guys have high school coaches
that sort of emphasize the same principles that
we emphasize here as far as the academic aspect. And then obviously
with Coach Mendenhall and how he does things. You know, I’d really like to see
more guys just from that area. Just because maybe I can relate
to with the Skyline piece or just different nuances
that occur in that area. I’d really like to see
more guys from that Midwest Ohio-Pennsylvania
area come here just because I think it would be
beneficial for the program definitely. The same mindset as we have in
Cleveland and Ohio, in general, put your head down and work
for everything you’ve got. Earned not given. And that’s the same as in Ohio. And it’s the same here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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