Football Takes The World By Storm

Football Takes The World By Storm

This is George Best.
He’s 22 years old. He’s the most popular
English footballer. But he refuses to play on
the English National team. He’s loyal to Northern Ireland. He has a huge base of fangirls who
scream every time they see him. And he’s the only footballer
with long hair — maybe that’s why people
call him The Fifth Beatle. He’s just as popular as the band. George owns a fashion
store Edwardia. He uses it to pick up girls. As one of England’s most
recognizable athletes, George is very
young and popular. He likes having fun and he
often goes out for drinks, his favorite being
vodka lemonade. Tomorrow is the biggest
day of his life. His team, Manchester United,
has made it to the finals of the European Cup —
for the first time ever. Tomorrow they’re playing
against Benfica. But tonight, George has a date. This is Bobby Charlton. He’s 30 and the captain
of Manchester United. No one has seen him smile
in the last 10 years. He was 20 when his team made it
to the 1/4 of the European Cup. They beat Crvena zvezda
in Belgrade. On their way home, their plane
landed in Munich to refuel — and hit a house on takeoff. Out of 44 people on
the plane, 23 died. Bobby was thrown out of the
plane, fastened to his chair. He got away with only a concussion,
but since then he hasn’t smiled. Still, he kept playing. The plane crash became
a taboo topic for the players and managers
of Manchester United. Two months after the crash,
Bobby made his debut on the English National Team. In 1966, he won
the FIFA World Cup. It was the first time England
had ever won the trophy: they beat Germany at home,
at Wembley stadium in London. And now, 10 years later, his team
has finally made it

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to the final of the European Cup. Coincidentally, the match is
taking place at Wembley again. So, the final match begins: Manchester United versus
Benfica from Portugal. On the 53rd minute, Bobby
breaks the ice with a goal. But on the 79th minute,
Benfica evens the score. Normal time ends on a tie. However, the tables
turn in overtime. Showy crowd-pleaser George Best
scores the second goal. In two minutes, Brian Kidd
follows up with a third, and in another 5 minutes Bobby
Charlton scores the fourth goal. Manchester United becomes
the first English club to win the European Cup. George Best got completely hammered. His teammates have never
seen him this drunk. 1968 will become a groundbreaking
year for world football. Germany celebrates its first
win in a match against England. Franz Beckenbauer scores
the winning goal. This goal will become a watershed
mark: after this match England will be constantly losing to Germany
at FIFA World Cup championships. Dino Zoff joins the
Italian National Team and immediately goes on to
win the European Championship.

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Luck plays a huge part
in their victory: the semifinal match against
the USSR ends on a tie, and the champion is determined
with a coin toss. Eduard Streltsov becomes
the best Soviet footballer. Just like Charlton, he
experienced a personal tragedy. 10 years ago, he was
accused of rape. and Soviet leader Nikita
Khrushchev decided to make an example of him and
punish him for “big-headedness”: he was sentenced to
12 years in jail. He was granted early release
and returned to football. In 1968, his team Torpedo
wins the USSR Cup, and Streltsov himself is named
the best player in the country. But, most importantly,
in 1968 football stops being just a popular game. It turns into something more —
something between show business and religion. Pelé eventually refuses
to leave Brazil, but starts earning money by
doing various commercials: bikes, small batteries,
shoes, watches, sports equipment and coffee. In 2 years, he’ll become FIFA World
Champion for the third time. George Best becomes just
as popular in England. He appears in commercials for
sausages, hair tonic gum and football boots. In late 1968, Best becomes
the youngest footballer to get a Ballon d’Or. And the highest paid
footballer in the world. Next year, he’ll try
to quit drinking.

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But to no avail. He will leave Manchester United
after a conflict with Bobby Charlton.

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