Football Star Chris Long Talks Donating Salary to Charity

Football Star Chris Long Talks Donating Salary to Charity

So 16 paychecks, which that’s
how many you get per season? It is, usually, unless you
get playoff checks, which I didn’t get a whole
lot until last year. I played eight years
on a really bad team. All right. [LAUGHING] What team were you on last year? The Rams, who are good now. Oh, yes. [LAUGHING] No coincidence. Yeah, I was going
to say what does that feel like when you leave
a team and they get better? That’s not good. I’m happy for my guys. Yeah. I still talk to a lot of
them, so I’m happy for them. But you’re on the Eagles, now. Yeah, and I was on the
Patriots last year. Yeah. Got little jewelry. Yeah, you did. You have many, many
rings, don’t you? Haven’t you won a few times? I just one once. Oh, I thought you won a few times. No. But we can go with that. All right, let’s do that. [LAUGHING] All right, so 16 checks. How much is 16 checks to you? Just shy of a million, yeah. OK. [APPLAUSE] So all of those are
going to charity? Yeah. All of those? Yeah, absolutely. And what charity is it going to? All of those are
going to scholarships, and then the last 10 are
going to an initiative we started called Pledge 10. And what we’re
doing is giving back to the communities I played in,
Philadelphia, Boston, and St. Louis. So they’re going to various
great organizations that encourage educational equity. [APPLAUSE] And it’s amazing that
you’re doing this. So you’re really just
playing and you’re not getting paid this year. And who inspired you to do this? You know, I have
a great platform. My dad played in the
league for 13 years. He didn’t have the
opportunities I had growing up. And he gave me that
through football. So I’ve always
tried to give back. My mom is an awesome example. She’s worked with the Boys and
Girls Club for a long time. So football, for
me, while it’s fun, I don’t get the fulfillment
out of that, alone. So, selfishly, the
charity stuff makes me feel good, makes me
feel like I’m doing– I’m not just playing ball. I’m doing something
bigger than that. Yeah, that’s– [APPLAUSE] –that’s what we should do. That’s what we should feel. That’s amazing. So there’s a lot of
controversy right now in the NFL with all these– the players kneeling
and everything. And you support–
well, I’m not going to put words in your mouth. What’s your stance? Well, my stance has always
been, since day one, that I support players
rights to protest peacefully. With my foundation, we
work with veterans a lot. But they tell you a lot that
the first thing they fight for is our right to
peacefully protest. And, you know, our players are
bringing up very valid points. So I think, as Americans,
we can all listen. And I would never kneel
because of my relationship with veterans. But, certainly, I think
these players are bringing up great points, and they’re trying
to improve their communities, and America, subsequently. [APPLAUSE] So as you said, you got
a little bit of jewelry. You were invited to go to
the White House last year, and you did not go. I didn’t. Why not? [APPLAUSE] Well, for me, it was
a personal choice. I mean, when I realized,
hey, we’re pretty good. We might have a shot to win. And subsequently,
what I heard is, you get to go to
the White House. I’m probably going
to skip that one. And my man kind of lost
me with his campaign. And I just made
the decision that I don’t think I would
feel like a real guy if I didn’t follow my heart
and say that’s just not for me. I think people going is fine. I’m not– that’s an indictment
on them for showing up. But for me, it didn’t jive
with my personal ideologies and opinions. Good for you. Good for you. [APPLAUSE] If I won the Super Bowl, I
wouldn’t have gone, either. So– [LAUGHING] We would have had a White House
viewing party or something. So the Eagles are
doing great, right? And there’s a video of you
dancing that I have not seen, but people think
that I should see it. So let’s watch it together. It’s you dancing. Yeah. Look at that. Yeah. Uh-huh. [LAUGHING] Yep. Oh, yeah. [CHEERING] Well– You were happy. It’s a happy dance. You make a play,
you got to dance. My D linemen, they really
get a kick out of my dancing. I think it’s an art form, but
they think it’s actually– [LAUGHING] –they think it’s laughable. All dance– well,
all dance form– dance is art form. And it doesn’t matter. Who are they to judge you? Exactly. How dare they. How dare they. Yeah, you– I’m to keep dancing. –you keep dancing. Not here today. I pulled my hamstring
this morning. I can’t dance with you guys. Whatever. [DISAPPOINTED LAUGHING] That’s– to lie to get out
of dancing is just wrong. It’s– It’s unethical. All right, what you’re
doing is amazing. My friends at Cheerios
and I are trying to reach our goal of one
million acts of good. So we’re going to give you
$30,000 towards Pledge 10 for Tomorrow. Are you kidding? That’s $10,000 for each city– [CHEERING] Thank you so much. Are you kidding me? –that you’re raising money for. My god. Thank you for doing
what you’re doing. Thank you. Thank you. To learn more about
Pledge 10 for Tomorrow, you can go to our website. And if you want to
share your act of good, use #OneMillionActsOfGood.

100 thoughts on “Football Star Chris Long Talks Donating Salary to Charity

  1. Wow Chris!!! Ur so lucky you have the money to do something like this!! I wish I had the kind of money to give so much to charity.

  2. I'm done watching Ellen on YouTube I'm tired of people not liking me a no body a Veteran who is absolutely useless but if you dislike our President ,Good Bye

  3. Omg, he's very sexy hot, he is almost my ideal man, from my dreams, I would be happy with a man like him, seriously! 👍🏻💯😍😊

  4. He told the half truth about why he didn't attend the White House with President Obama. Also, he has the same spirit as Tom Brady. It sounds like he is insinuating that the NFL players kneeling are unpatriotic.

  5. Hey people, please help me, I don't have any money for treatment to maintain, though doctor's told me without it, I only have a few months ! I have a very rare disease that I don't want to talk about and I haven't been able to move, work or anything! In and out the ER but I don't have insurance so the hospital don't want anything to do with me! Please, I don't have anyone to help me. No family nor friends! I made a PayPal so it will be easier for me. I REALLY NEED THE HELP for the treatment or insurance please and thank you so very much! God Bless!!

  6. Long did a great deed, but keep in mind that this is the same guy who said repeatedly in 2016 that Trump & Hillary were equally bad. So let's put the brakes on congratulating him on his Trump protesting.

  7. Ellen is an amazing person but a terrible talk show host. She is disinterested in what the guest say, terrible followups, just wanna rush through interviews going through her point sheets, She needs to work on her interview skills and she can be the best there is…. That's where Oprah beats her by several miles.

  8. Chris is G I Joe and I want him to play GI Joe in a reboot of GI Joe. Hollywood always messes ups these movies.

  9. As a Rams fan, I'm happy for him. He was a beast on the defensive line and he wasn't the reason we sucked. We sucked cuz of JEFF FISHER

  10. All of these comments from the ladies, on his tv persona "appearance".. haha If they only knew what he is really like on the football field.. A lot of respect for donating his salary, being a fellow man and seeing the WH admin as the joke it is.

  11. Chris Long is a class act and an absolute stud on the field. Glad my Pats helped him get a ring last season, just hope he doesn't beat us tomorrow lol

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  15. Chris Long is a big liberal Democrat, delusional and hates the fact that a successful Republican President is in the White House. When some Eagles were sitting down during the National Anthem Chris Long encouraged the protests. I applaud him for donating his paychecks.

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