Football Spring Game 2018 Interviews

Football Spring Game 2018 Interviews

Your thoughts here on the spring game
today and obviously beautiful weather conditions. Yeah it’s a great great game
again I don’t know how we always have these like down-to-the-wire games but
they’re always close and they always seem to be fun so you know priority
priority number one for for me is to have fun
you know celebrate football I say that every year but celebrate the opportunity
to be out there and having fans here and those kind of things so that’s cool
Sun and weather finally cooperative which is awesome and then I thought the
play was good you know I thought we played a lot of guys and I thought for
the most part we were solid had some you know good plays on both sides of the ball and
then you know obviously to honor Dave Lucy you know a guy that’s meant so much
to Ferris State athletics and and then to honor the basketball team at halftime
we’re really cool initiatives and I was really pleased that that went over well.
You mentioned the close game talked about the format offense verse defense a
little different than maybe you’ve used in the past couple years.
Yeah we’re nervous about you know dividing teams equally which we have we
just basically that’s what we’ve done is draft but then we’re nervous that you
know there would be too many reps for some guys so this way we could kind of
control you know who was playing so offense played defense and and I don’t
know you know I heard the announcer seeing something that it may have not
been fair completely but I tell my guys nobody wants to see defense win and in a
in the spring game so and I’m the head coach so they listen to me and I’m also
probably more active with offense so you know we had to make sure that the
offense pulled it off. Obviously a long spring here and an extra week with it with the
cancellation just talk about how the springs went and having a battle the
weather. Yeah that was that was a little difficult because we know we you know we
we had two practices left and you know it’s hard yesterday we probably had our
worst practice yesterday because our mentality was probably we’re almost done
you know and when I suggested to our guys that we
might be granted a waiver last weekend you know they didn’t they didn’t respond
very favorably because like mentally we’re ready for this to be done which I
understand that so I give our guys credit they were challenged mentally had
to come back and extend spring ball but I thought they looked great today and
our spirit energy has been awesome you know throughout the spring and that’s
all you can ask you know you’re just looking for guys that you know just want
to be out here and work to be better and so I’m pleased by that I think we’ve got
you know a lot of young talent and a lot of guys said I have a opportunity to
have a great season mentioned a chance to honor the men’s basketball team just
talk about what that meant for your guys well you know I’ve said this several
times now it’s first off great to be able to honor them but beyond that you
know it’s kind of a little bit selfish reasons to you know I think that the
more young people see how something can be done the more they’re apt to do it
and so I you sad a little bit as you know way for our guys to kind of you
know use use well you know how did they do that you know they played 11 guys
there’s never any crying you know I never saw body language like you know
wife’s Broncs taking me out I saw to Division one transfers not start okay
one plays football who was mr. basketball who never had negative body
language like I should be playing more so you know I mean it’s pretty simple
how you you win a national championship there you know that great team chemistry
and and a bunch of unselfish guy said you know we’re determined to be at their
best and so I use that as you know a really good way for us to you know put
the right face on and not let anybody be a force of negativity to let us down a
little bit so that’s this that’s been our approach after watching your players today for
the fall okay well I don’t think that way so my expectation is to to look
forward on the you know look a little bit about you know what the temperatures
gonna be and maybe get to the golf course here and the next week or so but
we always have high expectations you know our thought process is we want to
be the best and so our expectation is to to pursue the very best that’s in us
individually throughout the offseason here in the summer you know rally
together you know with with a great team spirit work hard in the summer try to
grow individually and as a team and then roll in in August and you know put it
put it all together and and you know our goals never change you know we want to
you know there’s three goals well I have and we’ll always have one is to win a
GLIAC championship two is to go undefeated and three is to win a
national championship and those are our three goals every year we’ve fallen
short to win the national championship you know but but we’re knocking on the
door and so that’s you know we’re just going to continue with the you know the
same methods to try to get us to that point and hopefully get over the hump
someday I feel good we’ve been working on it all spring
should have got to play before that but I had tripped up so we went back to it
and went up and made a good play obviously a spring here with a lot of
guys returning on the offensive side of the football how was the spring went
here overall one good I felt like we competed a lot and I felt like a lot of
young fellows stepped up and proved their self but all in all I think we did
really good on offense and on defense as well for you coming in here this year
obviously I had a chance to come in last fall and play a lot what’s it like
having having a spring here I guess and and coming back for your second year I
feels real good like you said coming in the fall I wasn’t really able to come in
and practice you know to the plays and stuff but uh coming through the spring
and being able to practice too stuff like that really really helped out
get that year under my build and stuff like that so yeah talk about the the
spring obviously had battles some tough weather conditions fortunately a nice
day out here today oh yeah it was real bad last week so we pushed it back –
this week was great weather for this nice little crowd that came out so oh no
I think it was a great spring great spring game – what was it like good have
a chance to honor the men’s basketball team winning the national champ being able to do that and the
expectations that we have for ourselves to go out and win him as it’s awesome
it’s awesome our goals is to win a championship definitely to bring a
championship back to Big Rapids that’s autumn ago ok and it got spring
game underway how did it feel to be out there going against the live action I
guess it feels great you know it’s been a long time since we’ve had some real
live football action and in the spring it’s just a lot of thought and team
periods but to be able to go out there and real a game type feel it gets us
really excited for the Fall now a spring practice is ramping up and everything
kind of what’s the attitude the mentality of the team as you head into
workouts in the fall um well just right now I’m just super proud of our guys for
getting through the spring pretty bad weather it was rough but we didn’t make
any excuses we were really able to come out and get a lot better and so now that
you know we have that experience and all that time work together in the spring
we’re gonna hit the ground running and really train really hard this summer to
to be prepared to be the best team that we can be in the fall and how about the
competition at quarterback so Tony said you three have been pretty much 33
percent of all the snaps through spring how does that feel and how is that kind
of motivating you know it’s great if you look at any top program in college
football competition breeds success no none of us have any room for complacency
if we got to keep our foot on the gas pedal a full-throttle down because the
guy behind you is ready to take your spot so we’ve pushed each other really
hard made each other better and you know the best guys gonna get the spot and you
guys celebrated the basketball team to see him what they were able to do this
year how much does that kind of just juice up the entire department yeah it’s
inspiring we’re really motivated just to see the success they had and to see that
at Ferris State they were able to do something like that of that magnitude
and just we know a lot of those guys good friends with them even a lot of us
grew up with them in the same area so it’s really given us the opportunity to
sing like yeah yeah we can use to the split of
time to quarterback in your proof-positive from last year it’s
important to have depth of that position what do you see the guys yeah absolutely
uh you can take it from me firsthand every quarterback is one play away so no
matter where you are on the depth chart you gotta be ready to go
and I think that’s the key about pushing each other is whether you’re two or
three you got to prepare like you’re number one because at any moment in time
this team’s gonna need to count on you and so when they call your number you
got to be ready to perform a lot of guys like our great playmakers are so many
guys on the outside that have been great for us in the past I mean one guy that’s
been great since I’ve been here is Malik Taylor and to have a target like it was
incredible so really excited about every guy a really tall TD on fuse keiondre yeah absolutely I want to see the
defense be absolutely successful every time except when I’m in you know that
they’re a great group of guys a lot of new faces and and they’re eager to play
their eager to prove themselves I think the rap that our defense isn’t going to
be as good kind of aggravates them a little bit so so they’re fiery and
they’re ready to prove that they’re going to be just as good if not better oh yeah it’s friendly chatter just very
competitive I respect every every guy and that team every I go up against and
they feel the same way about me you know when you’re in between the lines there’s
a little bit alter ego you’re ready to destroy whoever’s on the other side of
the ball but you know off the field I respect everyone I’m they’re my brothers
and some of my best friends on office we did it real good
I said well last week it was supposed to be a spraying game but you know whether
it was bad so he had to cancel it so I think we did good as far as not being I
think consistent practices and I’ve been rescheduled a screen game you know take
all that to consideration so I think we did good
that obviously your first spring here I just talked about the adjustment here to
the playing quarterback at Ferris State and how that’s went the spring I’m back
in the hurry up offense I did that in high school and junior
college was my first time so I had to get back to learning new signals and you
know what the signals mean we have a lot of them and learning the whole new
person Hill you know I’m playing with a bunch of new guys
last year and for no redshirted so I didn’t really get a chance to you know
learn what guys could do would and who was you know about what and so I feel
like the personnel is probably the biggest thing as far as what I had to
learn this ring and place yeah in terms of some of that personnel obviously guys
like MyLink Taylor Kendrick Craig Robert Thomas what’s it like having those guys
around you might say Harrison a lot of those guys you just give him the ball
and make make your stat sheet the way up so they make it a lot easier and now
especially for you personally having a year off and now being back Eddie or
getting closer and closer to real-life games I mean how this spring going
through how you feeling as it gets closer to fall feeling confident got to
experience online so I feel like the offense we have to do majority other
have majority of the leadership you know the defense we lost 10 starters so I
feel like the often had to pick it up a lot more mom’s razor or honest and then
the quarterback competition coach Andy said it’s pretty much been split three
ways the entire spring ball kind of how you feeling where you’re standing and
how you like that competition I’d like to competition I’m just playin for
and you kind of said you back in a hurry up offense coach here at fairs they’ve
had a lot of good success with running quarterbacks obviously how excited are
you to be back in that and how you know kind of fits you just looking forward to
gaining about fits any positive for the season start no but I mean I feel like
the orphans work so let’s roll you know I’m saying if I got a cared about 30
times again let’s get to it and the defense has a lot of turnover but like
they’ve been saying it they seem pretty hungry today could you kind of see that
where because there’s got to be a lot of competition or a lot of open spots
I saw the defendants working every day in practice you know there’s a lot of
guys on the defensive side when as far as extra work and going on the field
individually or going in the weight room when it’s not scheduled most of those
guys that I go is probably on the defensive side so defense is real hungry
we lost 10 starters but I don’t really think that I mean a lot just because we
got guys that’s that’s ready to play and that one the play and one win and one to
work so after that we would be okay what was it that you kind of wanted to show
off through spring practice and into the game here today
what were you kind of trying to put in front of the coaches making the decision
tough for him I mean this was just the ending of it they saw you know what I do
every day in practice from the get-go so I wasn’t really too much concerned about
showing something off this spring game or you know today particularly this was
just like I said this was just like something I think the second quarter
there where you’re kind of bouncing off defenders carrying some of them with you
is that kind of your style which you you’re looking to do you’re not afraid
to contact no not at all I mean no quarterbacks never really loved we don’t
really get here and practice so today was kind of fun just to get the feel
back you know I like I said last I reassured it I didn’t really
no participation as far as football so it feel real good to you know get hit a
little bit you know know that I can’t miss break a tackle and you know make me
play keep on in the spring here would he be kind of picked up about the culture
here at Ferris and kind of what the expectations are for this program at
Ferris I feel like sports is the more we’re not number one thing but it’s
something that’s that everybody takes serious and everybody like no this is my
first spring game ever you know that I come from Jenny college I did two years
of general college but to see a crowd like that to come out here and watch us
just have a Experian I kind of cool so I feel like at Ferris a we got a lot of
support a lot of people cheering for us I’m looking forward to flow

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