Football: South Korea vs. Mali friendly match results

Football: South Korea vs. Mali friendly match results

And, ending things off on the pitch, with
South Korea taking on Mali in a friendly match at Cheonan Sports Complex.
In the first half, South Korea came out aggressive, but lacked that finishing touch, only getting
one of eleven shots on goal. Mali, though, made their one shot count. Maiga
headed in the first goal, ONE – NIL But, in the thirty-seventh minute, Koo Ja-cheol
puts it in the penalty kick, it’s ONE – ONE, into the second half The action continues, and 20 seconds in, Korea’s
Son Heung-min scores to go ahead Then, minutes later, just after subbing in,
Kim Bo-kyung slots it into the left corner, South Korea up by two And, they go on to win this one with a final
score of THREE to ONE, getting the much-needed morale boost. That does it for me in the sports center.
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