Football Semifinal Post Game Breakdown 12-08-18

Football Semifinal Post Game Breakdown 12-08-18

Hello and welcome to this Bulldog
football postgame wrap-up Rob Bentley along with Sandy Gholston of the Bulldog
Sports Network Ferris State advancing on to the NCAA Division two national
championship game with a big 42 to 25 win on the road against Minnesota State
in the semifinal round today and Sandy an opportunity for the Bulldogs to play
for a national championship yeah what more can you say about that a
great showing by the Bulldogs a tremendous playoff run leading them
right into a great battle in the national semifinals number one Minnesota
State against number two Ferris State kind of the matchup I think that a lot
of people were maybe hoping that they were gonna see as the national rankings
started to materialize over the course of the season and so I thought it really
lived up to that kind of matchup that we thought it was gonna be it was really a
national caliber national championship caliber matchup that we saw in Mankato
Minnesota and the Bulldogs were able to prevail with a great effort start to
finish in that game obviously here today Ferris State took on a very good
Minnesota State team that certainly give the Bulldogs everything they could
handle yeah they really did I thought they were the best opponent that we
played this year and we’ve played some really good opponents going to the
regular season playing some nationally ranked teams and then a great run for
the Bulldogs through the playoffs leading up to this past Saturday’s game
against Minnesota State and so I love the Bulldogs are really tested from
start to finish Minnesota State was a very physical team there were a balanced
team they were able to run the ball they were also able to pass the ball as well
I have a great receiver a great running back quality quarterbacks and their
offensive line I thought played better than maybe some people expected and so
it was a great test for the Bulldogs heading into the national championship
game against Valdosta State Bulldogs got off to a great start in the first half
built a 21-2 10 lead but Minnesota stayed with a big finish to that first
half rallied and really made it a ball game going into the second half yeah I
think they really did and you knew that they were gonna bounce back they’re a
good team as we said a balanced team I have a very good field goal kicker and
so they were feeling confident that hey if they could just hang in there and try
to learn some things from what the Bulldogs were doing early on then maybe
they would have a chance to climb back into it I thought they managed the clock
very well toward the end of the first half and that allowed them to climb back
into the game and make it a competitive game going into the third quarter but
that’s when the Bulldogs really started to kick it back into gear they made some
nice in-game adjustments I thought even in the first half carried over into the
can have and I think some of those adjustments and I thought the Bulldogs
coming out better more inspired even in the second half helped him to prevail in
that game well in the third quarter got the only score of the third period Deon
Earl’s with a long touchdown run that proved to be a critical play in the ball
game but Minnesota State came back and then after that Farris they put together
a great Drive to push that lead back in front before they were able to kind of
seal it at the end with a turnover and then a touchdown run from Derrick
Porter’s yeah I thought the NRL’s play was really big really an explosive play
it was actually highlighted on ESPN it was a great play there and I thought at
the end of the game there was a huge sequence at the end of the game Bulldogs
able to get a strip sack that turned into a turnover and then they were able
to turn that into points and so I thought that was a huge turnaround that
game it was a 10-point game and it was still a tightly contested battle and a
Bulldogs really got a great turnover that turned into points and so that was
a great change in terms of the complexion of the game to really help
the Bulldogs seal what was a great victory firstly it had a huge following
a couple fan buses on the road tough weather conditions but the fans braved
it out and Bulldog Nation really supported of this Ferris State football
team yeah I was really exciting you mentioned to fan buses coming in a lot
of fans that drove on their own some fans were on the flight with us to
Minnesota and so there were a lot of fans coming in all different directions
there to support the Bulldogs we looked across the stadium in Mankato and you
get to see a lot of red in the middle of those bleachers and so that was really
great they had a lot to cheer about throughout the game and maybe that
cheering that good vibe that they had helped them to stay warm and some frigid
temperatures in Minnesota and so great showing by the Bulldog fans and I’m
expecting them to be even more in force as we had to Kenny Texas for the
national championship game Bulldogs had been to the national semifinals a couple
times before in school history now moving on to the national championship
game for the first time in a hundred and eleven years of Ferris State football an
opportunity to play for a national championship well I think not only
playing for a national championship you mentioned 111 years of Bulldog football
they’re playing for a lot of the alumni and you know we’ve seen in social media
just totally blowing up with the excitement that a lot of our alumni a
lot of our fans everybody else really feeling for what Bulldog football was
doing right now and so when the team heads to mckinney texas to play for the
national championship they be going it’s just one team they’ll be
going as a really as a university as an alumni base as a fan base they’re gonna
be there in force in McKinney Texas playing for that national championship
for the first time in school history well dogs continue their postseason run
a battle-tested team that has certainly proven they can play well on the road
here not only in the regular season but also in the playoffs
well I think that’s the hallmark of a Toni and nice coach team is that they
really have learned to play well and to survive on the road and you look at some
of the best efforts at the Bulldogs have had in the play I’ve said a lot of it
has been on the road and when you have or the kind of success that the Bulldogs
have had to get to this deep point in the playoffs you have to be able to win
on the road and the Bulldogs have a great formula to win on the road great
offensive line play great defensive line play they’re able to run the ball
they’re typically able to stop the run and so with that being said and a
diversified offense they are really a team that is capable of winning on the
road and they’ve proven it great win two back-to-back great wins on the road
washed off Baptist the number one team in super region three Bulldogs go their
dominating performance to win that game and then they come back with a big win
over Minnesota State the number one ranked team in the nation well Doug had
an opportunity in men’s basketball to win a national championship last March
we had a chance to call that one and now a chance to call another national
championship game as the Bulldogs play for a second national title here in the
course of the past seven or eight months well it’s amazing you think about we
were talking about how great is it going to be to be able to call a national
championship game once in your career and we do that in April we actually got
a chance to call a championship victory in the national championship game and
now here we are just months later in the same calendar year having an opportunity
to call the national championship game for football it’s been a great year for
Bulldog athletics not just mins basketball and football but some of the
other teams that have really performed well at a high level really a
renaissance of athletics at Ferris and so just looking forward to really being
a part of calling that national championship game and hopefully we’ll
bring back another one of those big trophies we’ll have all the live action
for you on Sunday 97.3 the Bulldog Sports Network next Saturday December
the 15th in McKinney Texas is the Bulldogs take on Valdosta State in the
division 2 national championship game live TV coverage as well on ESPNU
kickoff 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time next Saturday from Texas should be a fun one
against Valdosta State yeah looking forward to Bulldog nation coming down
Texas in force and you can see people already making their plane flights
getting their hotel arrangements in order everything is getting in place
should be a great showing by Bulldog Nation as Farris will be playing for
that national championship stay tuned to complete coverage of the Division two
national championship game online Pharoah State Bulldogs calm

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