FOOTBALL: Richmond Game Highlights

FOOTBALL: Richmond Game Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Perkins steps up in the
pocket, wants to run, escapes from a couple defenders. Here he goes, 20 to the 15. He’s at the 10, Perkins to the
5, Perkins, to the end zone! Pressure’s coming,
and down goes Johnson, as Mandy Alonso came
barrelling up the middle. Meyers will pass
on the near side and caught there by Zaccheaus. Throws on the jets. Here he goes to
the 20, to the 15. It’s a foot race. Zaccheaus gets past
everybody in the end zone, touchdown, Virginia! Ellis on the right guard pass. [INAUDIBLE] Here he goes
on the far side right. He’s gone. Touchdown, Virginia,
Jordan Ellis! As Virginia has struck again. There’s the handoff and
now zips it up the middle and completes his pass
to Hasise Dubois, who sheds to the
[INAUDIBLE] of the 5, and walks into the end
zone, touchdown, Virginia. Here’s a pass from
Johnson, going down the middle of the field into
traffic, and it’s intercepted. Pass picked up at the
middle of the field by the sophomore Joey Blount. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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