Football receiver speed cuts turns quickness | Part 8

Football receiver speed  cuts turns quickness | Part 8

Speaker 1: This drill here, you’re going to
need three cones, you’re going to need a football, a guy that can throw. You can go underhand
tosses or overhand tosses. The most important thing here is our cone placement. We don’t
need to stretch them out to where your receiver’s out. What we need to do is you keep them tight
so we can work on our breaks and work on our cuts. So this first one here is about three
yards out. What we’re going to do is we’re going to make this back 45 degree angle and
we’re going to put that about three yards out. So what we’re going to do now, we’ll
simulate it here, you’re going to have your receiver. He’s going to take off, he’s going
to hug this corner, stay small, stay tight. You can throw the football at that position
when he turns his head or when he makes this cut here to turn it up field, you can make
the throw here where he’s got to get his head around. So two ball placements, two drills
out of these three cones. So strap your K-bands on, remember, we were
going to work on a little bit of hip stability and add a little bit more glute activation
with every rep with the band. So spread out your cones, three yards a piece. The first
one, I’m going to make the toss here at this angle so when he gets his head turned around
he’s got to catch the football and then he’s got to make a football move and get up field
here. So here we go, we’re going to go through a couple. He’s going to go slow, you’re going
to deliver the football and he’s going to get up and go. All right, here we go. Get
up and go, get up and go, good. Now we want to make sure that when we get to this cone,
turn it on for three or four steps and then pull up. Here we go. Good.
When you’re using the bands don’t be lazy with your knees. When you turn around, he
does a great job of driving his knees up and that’s what you need to do when you get home.
When you get around the corner you can let the bands slow you down and leave your knees
down because you have resistance when you drive up. So always make sure you’re here
and you really start driving your knees. As soon as you get into that resistance you’ve
got to go. Use the bands to help your stride, don’t use them to hold you back.
We’re going to go ahead and throw from this other angle here. So now he’s going to get
around this first cone, he’s going to get around the second, he’s going to get his head
turned around, ready to catch the football. All right, here we go. Good. See how he drives
his knees up? That’s exactly what you’ve got to do at home. We’ll go and unstrap here.
We’re going to get this angle of the football toss without the bands. When you’re working
at home, 6-8 reps with the resistance, 4-6 without. Work through the drills. If you’re
using more than one person just line them up in a line and you can run them through
continually, but it’s important to use it like resistance training. There’s no sense
in wearing somebody out in doing 20 sets with resistance because we actually want to start
building that light leg feeling and working for speed, so you work with resistance, you
take them off and really start working with that feather like feeling to increase your
stride length. All right, here we go. Good. Now, when he
gets here and he makes that cut he’s down, he’s balanced, he’s tight, his weight’s ready
to drive off and as soon as he gets in the position where he’s balanced and his momentum’s
going he’s right here ready to see the football. If you wait three steps before you’re ready
to get the football you’re not open any more for a pass. So even when you’re doing drills
you got to be able to receive the football and you got to be quick to pick up where the
quarterback’s at. So get here, as soon as you get centered you’re right here, waiting
for the pass.

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  1. how quick should i cut the corners on these drills, should i do them at a steady pace to build muscle memory or should i attempt them as fast as possible

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