Football – Rebels Defeat ULM 70-21 on Homecoming

Football – Rebels Defeat ULM 70-21 on Homecoming

[MUSIC] These guys are ready. We are ready. Ole Miss taking on Louisiana Monroe. The 91st edition of homecoming here in Oxford, Mississippi. They’ll go with Phillips again. This time he will stick his nose across the goal line and Ole Miss on the board in a hurry. Ta’amu hooks Brown, turns it inside and will strut his stuff into the end zone. A little quarterback draw, Evans he’ll get it inside the five, down to about the three-yard line. Does the football come out? A lot of folks saying that Ole Miss will have it. And they do. [Cheering] The Rebels come up with the play. A little play fake. Ta’amu he breaks a couple of tackles and will take it into the end zone. It is 20 to nothing, Ole Miss. Nowhere for Evans to go. Armani Linton, a loss of ten on the play. Ta’amu a little quarterback run. Has plenty of room. Cuts it back to the middle of the field, trying to reach for the end zone. Touchdown. 39 yards, his second of the day. Three tight ends set for the Rebels. Phillips, he will get it across the goal line for the fourth, or excuse me the fifth Rebel touchdown of the day. I’m losing count it’s been so many already. Keeping up positive yardage for this offense. Pressure comes from the outside, Qaadir Sheppard with a big hit on Evans, forced the football on to the turf, but ULM will retain possession. For everybody on the offense, they see it and they go. That one caught, looked like it could have been picked off, there goes DK Metcalf, still on his feet. Touchdown Ole Miss. How did he catch that one? To the end zone, pass is caught, touchdown. That time DaMarkus Lodge comes up with the football. First down and ten. Matt Corral will loft it up, here’s Phillips breaks a tackle. Dives for the end zone. Did he get in? Yes, he did. 11 yards out. Welcome to the game Matt Corral. Most of the time everybody skill wise can see these different hand signals. As you see Corral using some of his legs to make – There he goes down the sideline. That’ll be an Ole Miss touchdown of 61 yards, whatever sign he just gave was the one that said take it to the house. Wow. That was Doug Pederson who went on to have a lengthy NFL career, and he’s a backup to a few teams to now he’s a Super Bowl winning coach with the Philadelphia Eagles. That was a nice little run now for the Warhawks. Yeah. That’s throwing it all over the yard with some pretty, pretty – A couple of tight ends on fourth down. Evans hit and dropped. It looked like he ran right into his center Bobby Reynolds, they’ll give the credit to Brenden Williams. A loss of seven and Ole Miss will have the football. And run. Quick slant, the pass is caught, this could be another touchdown. There goes Elijah Moore. Touchdown Ole Miss. That was 24 yards. He got a nice block on the outside from Alex Webber. Got points on the board, but will he make a big decision to convert this this third down? Bringing some heat. Lost the football, it’s on the turf. Can Ole Miss scoop it up? They do, it’s at the 45-yard line, Kevontae Ruggs who had to sit in the first half because of a targeting call last week comes up with the fumble recovery. A good day for Ole Miss, they win this one in fine fashion; 70-21.

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  1. To those that say we’re trash bc we gave up 400+ yards: Yes, our D is trash. Didn’t you already know that?? But it improved today. They didn’t threaten the end zone many times. Yes we gave up yards but a decent bit was late in the game when we played prevent and had third stringers in. Also, we bent and didn’t break in the first half.
    Our D is bad. Horrible. But it was better than it had been today

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