63 thoughts on “Football Player PROTESTS Gun Violence During Game

  1. We should learn from Japan look at how they operate all guns are difficult to get and there is no damn violence it’s one of the safest place to be,we just need to put in place a different way to regulate guns

  2. Bravo Alejandro. Glad to see you have the courage to speak the truth. Don't let anyone dissuade you from doing what most GOP members are afraid of doing. This Republican administration is a disgrace.

  3. Anyone ever think how easy things would be if guns didn’t exist period like, what’s the actual point of them?

  4. Can't even go to Wal-Mart in peace? The club? Any public places! I order my food at the restaurant on the drive thru to go ASAP…✌

  5. People screaming end gun violence. So you want to take away guns from innocent people so only criminals will get guns. You know…criminals dont pay attention to your little feelings or laws. They'll buy a gun from the black market and go and blow your brains out and get what they want.

  6. People use emotions over logic.

    "Let's get rid of all guns. It will stop killings"

    Days later, criminal with stolen/black market gun kills defenseless family in home.

    Month later, deranged man runs over crowd and kills many. Ban vehicles!!!!

    Year later, pressure cooker bomb blows up inside school killing a class full of children.

  7. I am totally in agreement with him. Gun violence will never stop but maybe we can stop a good deal of it! Notice he did not say anything about gun control! There are other better ways to fight the problem than disarming law abiding citizens! As far as a movement being started, the Left starts one every time something happens that they want to politicize, thinking of just another way to gain votes since they have no actual agenda to run on!!!!!

  8. The president, the government and congress they laugh about people and kids getting killed but they don’t laugh when it comes to asking citizens for support in the elections but they do want our money 💰 that’s all they want

  9. Cuestión is not if but when they are going to start calling him unpatriotic or something like that, my bet is the tony inbred girl or the fat guy in fox … hannity it think is his fucking name.

  10. Fake tan grandpa is squirming in his thin skin, can't stand to see minorities in sports point out his numerous failures.

  11. idiots. just because, he's an athlete doesn't mean he doesn't have to care what's happening outside his sport. He is a man who worries about this family and friends too. Those gunmen can be anywhere and anytime. Even during the sports events. This kind of shit will keep happening until something is done. that's for sure.

  12. It's a trip, because I live in East LA. There is no anxiety here regarding mass shooting or terrorist attack. I have to worry about gangbangers and crooked cops, but neither is going to shoot up a school.

  13. These retards are using gun violence to create a generational cornerstone. They don’t care. This fragile generation is so well off that they will use any excuse to believe themselves rebels. If they would come across real life problems they would piss their pants.

  14. Bedoya you're the man, you rocks. Thanks for using your platform to speak out against gun violence.. The 35 who click thumbs down are trump supporters and also racist. Vile trump and his supporters are a disgrace to humanity, and EYESORE to society

  15. Get strapped if you don't feel secure out there,it's that simple. Other than that,fuck off to another so called "1st world country",where there are no guns. Cause ya'll ain't touching mine motherfuckers.l.=/

  16. white people doing this shit on a avagae smh….say wht u will bout blacks a d violence…..but u dont see us going in random stores killing people, but society would have u to believe we r the only problem smh

  17. Lol TYT Sports? When I saw TYT had a sports channel, I figured they'd be covering stuff like two trannies playing hide the sausage or something. This clip was just as gay as I'd thought it'd be though.

  18. Republican snowflakes have fear of change, like they’re fear of pussy. Feminism and democracy for everyone!

  19. Lol don lemon is correct

    but yet its a brown and black fault

    For white shoot up crowds of people

    At least pookie shoot each other not the hole fucken city

  20. Funny fact here…
    Literally EVERY other western democracy…
    DON´T have this problem…
    Even if, like Finland and Canada, they have more guns/capita….

  21. Stfu! Your doing this to get famous. This is the new way for athletes to get more attention. If he really cared, he would have been protesting this a long time ago, this has been goin in for a while, and now he wants to make a seen. Stick to playing soccer, cus your barely doing that right. It's sad that he's using people death to get clicks and fame! Shameful!

  22. I hope Trump doesn't say get that son of a:;;*:*:*! Out of the field ; In my fútbol world we should only shoot penalty kicks!!

  23. I live in Australia, one time during a storm I was worried about the large trees falling on the classrooms at my daughter's school, so I told her she wasn't going to school that day. 5 mins later, the school announced that school was closed for the day. That is the only time I have been scared for my daughter's safety at school. It is unimaginable for me to think Americans are worried that their child will be shot. Parents in China, Uruguay, New Zealand and Turkmenistan send their kids to school without fear. Sure he should speak up, because almost every other country's largest fear when they send their kid to school is a bus crash, a natural disaster and the like; it is never an exit strategy from a shooter.

  24. I'm with you Bedoya I blame the guns not the person pulling the trigger, wait! Blame the gun… I also think the guns have mental problems, wait!!!!!!!!!

  25. Stop inflating the numbers. Gun violence archive lists incidents with 0 deaths as mass shootings. What a joke.

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