Football Player Convicted of Killing Cheerleader Ex-Girlfriend

Football Player Convicted of Killing Cheerleader Ex-Girlfriend

it’s a Romeo and Juliet story of teenage romance ending in tragedy sixteen-year-old Emma Walker was an honor student and cheerleader on a championship winning high school squad she dated Riley call a wide receiver on the Maryville college football team in Tennessee but days after she ended their two-year relationship she was found shot to death in bed Emma’s mom called 9-1-1 [Music] the killer stood outside Emma’s house in Knoxville and opened fire two bullets penetrated the bedroom wall and struck her in the head assistant DA Kevin Allen the first round that from the back of the house hit struck her right behind the ear behind the left ear killing her instantly in her sleep Riley gall fled the scene that night he posted this on social media living every day through Emma I love you beautiful and I know you’re in a better place now my beautiful Emma rest easy now sweetheart right away police suspected Riley and persuaded a close friend to secretly record him talking about Emma’s dad they anything because if they did I would be in jail right now he even claimed Emma took her own life Raleigh Gaul was arrested at the very moment he was trying to dispose of the murder weapon his grandfather’s handgun this week he was found guilty of first-degree murder there’s no high fives in a murder trial there’s not anything any celebrating going on the Emma’s still gone [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Football Player Convicted of Killing Cheerleader Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I’m from Knoxville Tennessee and my cousin went to school with and said he had Psycho path behavior

  2. I'm sorry, this is extremely tragic of course but the Reporter calling this a Romeo & Juliet story actually couldn't be further from the truth when it's a football player dating a cheerleader.. Just sayin…

  3. Heres me trying to find a girlfriend trying to know what love is trying to actually find someone. People like us who want to hold hands and treat you like a queen.

  4. Wow. Playing those video games at the end and talking about her being gone. Absolutely no remorse or empathy in his voice at all. Evil. What a tragedy. I’m sorry to the family.

  5. Rot in prison douche, should bring back the firing squad and get rid of these people imo. Some people just don't deserve to be here. I guess we forgive and let god decide is what I'm supposed to say but I can't help but have hate for these people who take life away from this earth for nothing but SELFISH reasons. I need to be better about forgiveness but I'm just not there yet.

  6. Bruh Riley could have gotten away if he wasn’t commenting about Emma,that’s just a stupid thing to do

  7. That poor girl. I couldn’t imagine being her mother or father finding her. That boy needs to rot in hell for what he did. Rest In Peace.

  8. This is really sad and messed up but….that gasp in the court after he said his verdict was guilt did make me giggle and its the only thing that isn't messsed up (the gasp)

  9. What if she was sad and killed her because she was sad and in a would she was sad he was sad that’s my guess 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. She is so pretty but she is in a better place now THAT GUYS OOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANNA SLAP HIM FOR KILLING SUCH A SWEET GIRL!!!!!!!!!

  11. My small town of Oxford NY . Not that long ago had something colse to this happen here. It was over the prom that my sons classmate was stabe 12 and then shot to death. So sad the mental health system is broken. My Hart goes out to the family and friends.

  12. I also killed my gf upon rejection but got out by paying blood money. Damn Testosterone can get you do nasty stuff.

  13. Sad that such a beautiful girl is killed, i hope her BF rots in that cell, she could have had a wonderful future..

  14. You Got What you deserve Americans,your High School Segregation culture of"perfect man and perfect woman"is Toxic..

  15. Not a "Romeo & Juliet romance", which is a fake story of sick twisted lovers, it's straight up murder that really happened by a hateful teen who wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend and was happy about it. This isn't Shakespeare.

  16. Emma is my cousin and she was a wonderful gir l she was so nice and caring to everyone she met and she didn't deserve what happen to her.

  17. I watched a documentary on Emma Walker in Health. She did not deserve to die, she had such a bright and ambitious life ahead of her. I’m glad Riley is spending life behind bars, he’s a psychopath

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