FOOTBALL: Pitt – Victory Monday

FOOTBALL: Pitt – Victory Monday

[MUSIC PLAYING] Bright Lights in the steel city. Hello, everybody, and welcome
into another season of Cavalier football as we welcome
you to Primetime. In a showdown over
this 2019 campaign tonight, the ACC’s defending
Coastal Division champion Pitt Panthers playing
host to the team that was picked to take
that crown away from them in the preseason, and that would
be Coach Bronco Mendenhall’s Virginia Cavaliers. Tonight, at long last, it’s
finally time for Virginia to prove that they belong
among the ACC’s frontrunners. Players Christodoulou to
send the applying pressure. Coming, and that one’s
partially blocked. It is picked up
by Hasise Dubois. And coming in to block it was
Noah Taylor for that Cavaliers special teams unit. They’ll fake the handoff. Perkins throws to the far side. Chris Sharp makes the catch
and walks into the end zone, touchdown Virginia. This is what ACC
football looks like. This is how hard it is. These are the plays we’re
going to have to make. It is going to be a challenge. We are on the road, and
so let’s get to work. And for the first time
tonight, Bryce Perkins looks a little bit more
like Bryce Perkins. Matt Gans steps in front of
the pass on the near sideline, and Virginia has the first
takeaway of the night. Now hopefully that wakes
this Virginia offense up. Hasise Dubois reaches to
the end zone off the gut. Touchdown, Virginia. And Virginia comes up with
a monster defensive stand with two sacks followed
by an interception. And how about the
pressure from the Virginia defense as Charles Snowden
forced it out of there early. It’s all about maturity. Our team is becoming seasoned. That situation wasn’t
too big for him, and just kind of a workmanlike
and matter of fact manner with expectations
that they were going to win. And that’s a whole different
place than we’ve been. [CHEERING]

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