Football – Ole Miss vs SIU Highlights (9-8-18)

Football – Ole Miss vs SIU Highlights (9-8-18)

Home opener for the Ole Miss Rebels. Coming off a convincing victory over Texas Tech a week ago. The Rebels are fired – are fired up looking to go to 2-0 on the season. Head Coach Matt Luke, you can peel off the interim label. The former Ole Miss center is now the man in charge of the program. Trying to make a statement here today with another victory at home. First and goal. Hand off, near side an easy pat to the end zone untouched. Scottie Phillips on the score. Great hands and uses his leverage really well. Ta’amu going deep again. Another jump ball and another catch for the Rebels. A touchdown Braylon Sanders, the sophomore from 30 yards out. Led by Jordan Ta’amu the quarterback. All kinds of time, rocking it over the middle, complete at the 20, 10, 5 and a touchdown for Elijah Moore. Take the draw. Ta’amu goes deep down field is Brown, touchdown Rebels. 38 yards for the junior out of Starkville. And give that young man the belt. Jordan Ta’amu who’s boyhood idol, Marcus Mariota from his home state of Hawaii. And Ole Miss going to find the end zone with Scottie Phillips. Impressive drive for the Rebels. With a tackle. It’s going to be another first down. Here comes a deep ball, far side. Over the shoulder catch by Brown. And a touchdown. Perfect throw, an even better reception for 46 yards and a score. Flag down, could be an off sides. Ta’amu, jump ball touchdown Metcalf. Ta’amu putting on a clinic on that drive and really has for most of the day. And everything else in between. It’s Southern Illinois on the move again on second down. Going back and picked off at the 15, finally a turnover for Ole Miss And this could be going to the house. Vernon Dasher will dash his way into the end zone, touchdown Rebels. With time over the middle, dangerous pass and another pick. Back to back takeaways for Ole Miss. First and goal inside the two-yard line. Up the middle, second effort touchdown. Woullard again. A well-deserved touchdown run that time by the freshman out of Hattiesburg. Another fourth down opportunity for the Saluki. Three for three on third down. Not this time. Ball is loose, another takeaway, that’s the third. Look out, here we go. Convoy in the clear and a touchdown. Victor Evans. Ole Miss can put up a lot of points on anybody on any given day. From that standpoint even if you’ve got the edge talent wise, you can still walk away with an L if you play them. Great coverage: did he catch that ball? He did. How in the world did he reel that in? Play their ball here in Oxford. Tenth play of the drive. And it will be a touchdown. Matt Corral, his first career score. The Rebels got a scare in the first half in particular. But then three turnovers from the defense. A 76-41 victory for the Rebs.

40 thoughts on “Football – Ole Miss vs SIU Highlights (9-8-18)

  1. Fire the DC or fire Luke or both. Better yet fire Luke and the DC make Phil Longo head coach because we're going to lose him to a head coaching job anyway.

  2. Defense not trash !!! They need to work hard to fix there mistakes and they knw that !! We are OLE MS fans not BAMA fans , do'n't trash them PULL for them . Try to build them up , you might be suprised what you get out of it !!! Go Ole Ms ….

  3. I have never felt worse about a 35 point win in my life. The Defense game film should be shown for eternity at football clinics on the wrong way to tackle and play pass defense. F – – is the only grade I could give the D. Our O will have to score 50 to keep it close next week.

  4. A FCS team dropped 38 in the 1st half, 41 total and had a total of 627 yards of offense, and majorly tired out because of lack of depth. Some cool catches in there, but no reason to celebrate at all

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