FOOTBALL: Ohio – Bronco Mendenhall Post Game

FOOTBALL: Ohio – Bronco Mendenhall Post Game

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m appreciative
and really thankful that Carla supported our
decision and her decision and our need to play
another football game. Every rep matters. And you saw the
different situations and some of the things
that we did well and some of the inconsistencies
that we certainly have to get fixed. And so the game was
an exact manifestation of why we needed the game
and why we needed to play. And winning is important. Any game is hard to win. So I’m glad we got that. We needed the game, and
I’m proud of my guys. You talked about
resiliency a lot. Can you address that? In fact, you went up 35-7. They hit you back 21-3 and then
to continue to press forward. What did you see from a
resilience standpoint? Yeah, I saw resilience. And I saw the need
to keep executing. And I saw the resilience
necessity because of miscues on our part. So a turnover right before
the half, and we allow a sack. They drilled the kick off
right into one of our guys. And we had worked on that. Didn’t get out of the way,
and didn’t recover it. So simple things like that– at the end a dropped punt– those kind of things are the
exact reason– more volume, more pressure, more stress– to uncover it all while we win. Can you talk about the
effort of Olamide Zaccheaus? It’s a school record. 247 yards receiving, 86-yard
touchdown, 77-yard touchdown. Special effort [INAUDIBLE]. Biggest play of the game was
the third down at the end where it looks like if they
have a chance to stop us there. You know, who knows in
terms of maybe not a win, but it’s even closer. Yards after the
catch were critical. And it looked a lot like
the play the first half. Last two things. Matt Gahm and Zane
Zandier, can you address them as
young linebackers without Malcolm Cook. At times guys were cramping. How did those young guys cope? Zane, in both the first two
games came into the game and played anywhere from 12 to
15 plays in game one and two and outrated everybody else. So it was good for him
to earn that opportunity while Malcolm was hurt. And Matt Gahm is kind
of Peace’s understudy. And Peace can’t play
every play, and he can’t get pressure every play. And so yeah, we need the next
tier of players in our depth. And that’s clear
after game three that there’s going to
have to be a handful more still that are able to play. How do you build going
into Ohio confidence? Yeah, and to Louisville. Winning Louisville, yeah. So, first of all, the maturity
to handle this unique trip, I think, was huge. The ability to play the game. And again, exposed strengths
and weaknesses was huge. And just that alone
builds momentum and helps us improve
going into the next one. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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