Football O Line training How to block a bigger opponent | Part 4

Football O Line training  How to block a bigger opponent | Part 4

Ricky Siglar: Okay, how’re you doing? I’m
Ricky Siglar, former Kansas City offensive tack. I’m out here at the Lake of Christian
School working with the football team. This is an exciting opportunity. This is the first
year of the football program. So we’ve got some young guys that are actually talented
that are just learning the concept of football and some of the techniques of blocking and
this young man right here asked me a question about: How do you handle a bigger guy? So
we’re going to demonstrate on a bag the proper technique to block a guy that might be bigger
than you are. So we’re going to essentially start off with
just what a basic drive block and what I want you guys to understand the way you block a
bigger guy is with leverage. That means you have to get underneath him, you got to use
your hips and your legs. This is where your power comes from and you explode and get your
pads under his pads. That’s the way you block a bigger guy.
If you get under him and out leverage him – I don’t care how big he is, if you get your
pads underneath his pads you’ll be able to drive him off the ball. If you get higher
than he is, you’re done. He’ll just over power you. So the key to blocking a bigger guy is
leverage and the way you get leverage is getting your pads underneath his pads.
So we’re going to – here hold this for a second. I’m going to try to demonstrate. Just say
the guy is basically in that position and you’re in your stance. You want a good balance
stance, get down and you want to have all your weight on your hand like that. You want
to do a quick hand up and you want to come off the ball and explode. Hold the bag up
a little bit. Get down here and bring those hips – roll
those hips and then just step through and that’ll allow you to get underneath him. So
come up – you want to have your head up. You want to have your head – get down in the defensive
stance. There you go. Go down here. I’m going to come down here and I want to have my head
row in it. Now you’re coming like you want to – and I want to have my eyes and my head
locked right there. Right in the middle of this shift. That’s where you’ll get underneath
him. As you’re coming in with those hands and explode
bring those hips and explode when you get under. Stand him up. Once you do that you
take him anywhere you want to go. So we’ll just demonstrate on
the bag first how to get…
One thing I want to mention we have – you noticed we got the Kinetic bands on these
guys. This will help build their explosiveness in their hits in those areas that are key
to play this position. Talked a little bit about them in the last video we’re actually
going to do some live demonstrations with them now. So once you get down on your stance
you should drive block him. Down set and go, okay. ?? ?? ?? ??

93 thoughts on “Football O Line training How to block a bigger opponent | Part 4

  1. Thank you. Mr. Siglar donated his time to teach these young players that had never played football before. The were all first year players that just formed a team at a small private school. Mr. Siglar did not ask for anything except for them to work hard and participate.

  2. Thank you. We will see this next season. Several of them are coming back and are working this summer to improve.

  3. well a smaller guy you dont have to be as low since you could probably over power him if you go helmet to helmet.
    but a bigger buy get under him.

  4. Thank you. Our guys work hard and go out every game and give it everything they have. we teach them to get low and be quick. We also teach them to work for position by being quick and just getting between the defender and the ball carrier. the smaller guys are not going to push big guys around and we compensate by running from a pistol or short shot gun with a lot of motion, shifting and misdirection. If our guys know where the ball is going they can seal and be very effective.

  5. Thank you for the compliment. I played D 2 for a short time and had to stop due to a severe concussion. My experience has been from many years of coaching and being the guy willing to take a weak or inexperienced team and trying to develop a system around the personnel. My last two years we have competed in Varsity football 11 man with 15-18 guys. it forces you to adapt to the athletes and the abilities.

  6. incredible video on Technique Rick my son has been watching your videos religiously keep them coming. Your experience is priceless to kids who want to get better!!!!! thanks for sharing the knowledge

  7. @cfolsom865 Please see our other channel myotraining. we will be posting more from Mr Siglar and also some good technique for D Line.

  8. im starting with a high school program and i have only 6 linemen all are over 6'0 and 250 pounds can you give me some pass protection tips we have great WR and a great QB he is a gunslinger

  9. I always have a problem blocking cause some of the people I go against always rush inside (defensive tackle) and I'm a strong tackle….do I hit them,hit them then block (but it'll be way harder),or just do the stands and receive the blow?

  10. have you got anything for wr who want to block better as i can block well for a wr but not compared to anybody else and i want to learn to hit somebody

  11. Thank you. Please comment on how this video helped and what you would like to see in other videos.

  12. thanks i am 12 and i am a left guard plus i have a game tomorro so i wanted to get some tips on how to block. Thank you soooo much!

  13. ok im 13 im 5'10 and 120 pouds and im a tight end im more so of a recving te but i can block to and this video just helped me alot more thaks for posting it really helped me. ps should i try out for reciver next year

  14. Same rules apply, if they have longer arms, still get as low as possible to the point where youre at their legs. If that doesnt work, chop block em, meaning blow out their legs, just drop on em.

  15. thanks man i got a great coaching staff but it doesn't hurt to look up drills on yt right? first game is against ohio state, wish me luck

  16. Good vid coach.
    I've been telling my son that what his line coach is teaching the 9th grade team is driving me crazy because they are not firing off the ball, getting low and they are not driving. Instead they look like they stand up slowly with hands out like they are about to play patty cake. They have not won a game and I have yet to see them score. I used to face off against guys 50-75lbs heavier with no problems using techniques like you are teaching.

  17. We're always happy to help! First off, what position will you be playing and what are some things you would like to work to improve? We have a variety of football training videos on our channel and sell some really great training tools that will help your performance for any position.

  18. Thank you! That would be very disappointing to witness and we are sorry to hear that. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if there is anything you would like to see video coverage of.

  19. Good video im a right gard n a junior playn fo juniors n seniors n hs helped me alot since im not that big

  20. This helpful because I'm an 8 the grade right offensive tackle 130 bench 215 squat 120 power clean weigh 190 pounds.i have to go up against the 9 the grade defensive ends which squat 375 bench 225 and power clean 200 they weigh about 230. So I have to get a real good technique to hold them back.

  21. Im a sophmore left tackle im 5'10 about 195lbs so im small but squat 450 bench 260 push press 340 an hang clean 225 but alotta times for mw the problem is moving these v
    Big lumps of nothing I often out strength them but theyre so much body to handle

  22. Thanks man, I'm an 8th grader, Offensive Right Tackle and even though I'm 6,2 and bench a good 135, I go against bigger and stronger guys then me. This video really helped with my blocking.

  23. believe it or not it works but you need to have better footwork then the d line i was put in as lineman my first game and i really was going to play wr but i got put in on o line and i was kicking ass at 155   

  24. Junior TE 6'7 170 squat 365, bench 150, and power clean 135. Doesn't matter how much muscle you have up top eveyn you're that tall. You are already stronger than everybody out there. You just don't know it.

  25. As a LB and O Lineman, I go against guys who exceed 220 pounds in 8th grade. Being 165 i sometime get a heavy lockup with them and hopefully this video works.

  26. All good comments here. Guys, as an old timer who had to truly play the Power I, Wishbone and QB option, the truth is, it all about the legs!! You build the crap out of your legs and make those things like iron, you'll block, hit and push anything around. Keep building your legs boys!

  27. 8th grade at 14 years old being the starting center for the jounior high team im at 5'7- 5'8 weighing at 195 lbs

  28. I'm 5'7 160 pounds right guard yesterday I had a game I think I did alright but there's this guy that is about 6'1 and I can barely block him every time he fired off the ball he uses his forearms and hits my face mask what do I do

  29. I see people asking about their size/weight in regards to whether it is good or bad for a lineman or other position. Size/weight is worthless. It's all about technique and speed. To a certain degree, strength too. But mostly technique and speed

    For example: When I was O/D line (I played all line positions at some point), I was 5'8", 160lbs, and had a 6 pack (technically kinda small for a lineman, but I LOVED hitting people). I could barely bench 100, and my squat was somewhere around 200 (pretty weak for a lineman). I could push around guys twice my size because I listened to my coach, kept low, and fired off the ball. On D line I was a freaking monster. Every game I was making tackles in the backfield (sometimes they were sacks). The opponent would usually double or even triple team me in order to stop me, which is just as valuable because you leave other people unblocked and able to make other plays.

    Anyone out there that's a coach – be aware of the impact you have on your players. After the coach mentioned above, my family moved, and my new coach was such a jerk that I gave up playing entirely.

  30. I'm having a very hard time, I'm 5'6 and weigh 200 lbs. I'm a left tackle. I don't know what other position I would fit in at. Help?

  31. well here's everyone telling u how to tackle and not who to tackle! i know i should probably know that if I know the plays but I know a little more than the basics of plays i understand what 28 is 35 and all that but when i go to block defensive end my coach goes off on me because the halfback was going to block him… i know i sound very inexperienced but I am so pleas help me

  32. It's my first year playing. Im 5'9" and 130 pounds I'm pretty slim to be on the line but as long as you can beat your opponent off the line and stay low it shouldn't be to hard blocking until the ball is down the field. Your power comes from your legs. Keep your legs moving.

  33. I'm 5'9 weigh 247 RN and never played football but might play this spring what position should I play and I'm a junior rn

  34. I'm 6'0 255lbs on the ninth grade football team. My only problem is my leg strength. Anyone have any tips besides doing squats(which I'm terrible at). Like is there any other leg workouts I can do to help me get better besides squats?

  35. I'm a 5"8 Left Guard and I'm 200 lbs.
    my bench is average like 215 lbs
    squat is like 280 max
    and deadlift is 350
    which other position can I play?

  36. At 1:57 i see this guys stance im like oh shit😂😂this guys right leg is out hella far like his back isnt even striaght. U cant teach them how to win if they cant even put up a good stance

  37. I'm 5'3 150 pounds and in seventh grade in playing against big strong people that are like double my weight if I get under their pads does that help with keeping them in from of you

  38. I don't like striking with my hands, to initiate contact, on a drive block.
    Helmet in the chest/ gut, followed by shoulder drive, and forearm blow, is better.

  39. I'm a 12 grader and I weigh 130 is it fair to put me on the D line I'm a nose guard safety and receiver I also bench 225 I squat 245 and dead lift 235 my 40 is 4.8 I'd it fair I'm better at safety

  40. junior Right Guard 4'7 93.7 pounds bench 3 pounds, squat 1 pound, dead lift 4 pounds, what other position should I play?

  41. Putting all your weight on your hand will allow the defensive lineman to swat your hand making you fall on your face, bad Idea.

  42. Y’all how do u stay low on the d line i am a 6’2 290 freshman and can squat 355 ,power clean 200, and deadlift 425 but I still have trouble staying low please help

  43. Im a freshmen and go against seniors thats way bigger than me n hold up a good fight against them by staying low and driving my legs.

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