Football News Today || Pogba Will Leave MU, MU & The Record With Maguire

Football News Today || Pogba Will Leave MU,  MU & The Record With Maguire

MU broke the record with Maguire, waiting for Solskjaer to win the title With Maguire, MU had a leader After a long wait, MU finally got Harry Maguire. A deal costs lots of money and time. MU had to pay £ 80m in cash to Leicester to get the signature of Maguire At the same time, the Red Devils were also lost in negotiations on personal terms. During the two-day personal negotiations, after Maguire went directly to Manchester City MU agreed to give England midfielder a six-year contract, and the salary of £ 190,000 per week. Initially, the agreement between MU and Maguire’s representative the contract will last 5 years, and the salary of about £ 180,000 per week. Therefore, Maguire’income will be well in excess of £ 90,000 / week when getting caps for Leicester MU was also asked to agree to allow the 26-year-old to extend automatically for 1 year. Bakayoko returned to Stamford Bridge this summer after a season under AC Milan as a loan. The Milan team refused to spend £ 32 million to buy off the French midfielder Bakayoko was also given the opportunity to show by himself during the Chelsea tour last summer. However, the former Monaco player continued disappointed forcing Frank Lampard to take drastic action to get him out of the club before summer 2019 transfer market closed. After several days of intense negotiations, Bayern Munich were able to secure a price of £ 101 million (€ 110 million) with City. Leroy Sane prepares to sign a five-year contract, enjoying the highest salary in Bundesliga history – 18 million euros / year. If the deal is complete, Sane will also become the most expensive rookie in Bayern Munich’s history a higher fee than the record deal before Lucas Hernandez’s 30 million euros. At the new team, Leroy Sane inherited the No. 10 shirt that Arjen Robben wore Last night, Wayne Rooney flew back to the mist to prepare for a surprise re-debut at Derby County, as a coach-player assistant. Derby president Mel Morris wanted the contract signed although Rooney turned 33 and still has a two-year contract with DC United in the US Major. Mr. Morris believes that Rooney’s arrival will help Derby increase his chances of promotion to the Premier League next season after missing the ticket in the final play-off final in May Preliminary discussions on the contract between Derby and Rooney – Paul Stretford have been held over the past few days. First-place England appointed former Dutch midfielder – Phillip Cocu as the new manager instead of Lampard to lead Chelsea. Real Madrid dressing room has a slow bomb, and this time is directly related to coach Zinedine Zidane. According to Jose Antonio Camacho former Real Madrid coach, President Florentino Perez is unable to control the changing room, just like in 2004. Meanwhile, the mistake of President Perez made Real a serious crisis, constantly changing coaches. The case lasted until spring 2006, forcing President Perez to resign. In the recent analysis, coach Camacho said that President Perez is violating his commitment to coach Zidane. In the second half of last season Spanish construction tycoon committed to giving Zidane full authority, as well as recruiting Paul Pogba.

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