Football match with refugees

Football match with refugees

This is a beautiful occasion to meet other cultures and other nations and other dreams… other people. And especially here where we play some sports
and this is a great opportunity to see how they function here. Ahmed do you want to tell…? Yeah! I’m really happy it was really good game
in here so this was wonderful for us so it was like the first time I will play with other guys so hopefully (…) This is really good for us. Thank you so much for all, to each of you guys each one of us! yeah I trained this team about one
time in a week we play we play together we are like 20 to 30 guys and I keep
training them and they are lovely guys Having this occasion is awesome: other
cultures and other peoples meet each other together and play together! It is fair play, it is about love. Inka, who was coordinating the project… Yes… it’s really a
good time. We had this project where we activate refugees and it’s really nice
to have other countries as well. As you all know we have so many different
nationalities and languages but In sport we all have the same language. I think this was like the great ending to our football course and kind of a new
beginning to second course. So thank you for everybody I hope you had fun and a nice time! And maybe we will meet again sometime.

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