Football match – english vocabulary

Football match – english vocabulary

We will teach you the football match vocab. Hi. I am Lukas, a teacher. This is MonkeyEnglish. MonkeyEnglish is useful and simple. Let’s watch a football match. This is a football team. This is a coach. And I am an assistant coach. The players are warming up before a football match. The players are passing the ball. A goalkeeper… defenders… midfielders… and strikers. This is our goalkeeper. This is his jersey. Goalkeeper’s gloves. Socks. Pads. And football boots. Thank you very much. These are linesmen. And this is the referee. Red card. Ok. Whistle. Whistle. Thank you very much. The tournament is beginning. This is our bench. A coach and substitution players. They are waiting the time when they will substitute. Our player has scored a goal. So it’s one to zero for us. These are the trophies. And the biggest one is the trophy for the winner.

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