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hello and welcome to a Bundesliga special of the FM show I’m Tom and today I’m joined by German football expert Rappahannock Stein good to have you here effort thanks for having me so Rafa is gonna help us take a look at some of the clubs and plays in the Bundesliga have really stood out over the course of this season and also might be worth you guys taking a look at in FM 19 as well we’re looking at clubs with interesting philosophy is some nice tactical elements in there as well some advice on where you can maybe put improve on them in FM 19 as well as players you may wish to sign or look to develop for your own team so we’re going to start by looking at by a Labour clusen and let’s jump straight into it so as I said we’re going to kick off with vile a vacation now Leverkusen have a bit of reputation for being a breeding ground of young talent that’s what spat full of wonder kids and young stars do you think they have the potential to be genuine title contenders well Yulia nagas won certainly thought so he called in his title contenders it hasn’t really been borne out by the results but I think that potentially is clear for everyone to see there is so much pace so much technical ability also depth upfront that is hard not to see them doing a lot better and conversely being so exciting to take charge of them because they should really be fighting for a top you know third of the Bundesliga maybe even higher and I just love the combination of pace that they got with Leon Bailey and uilleann brunt and that kind of creative fulcrum that Kai harvess has become then you’ve got Kevin fallin who’s kind of a more ye type of striker Ilario real poacher so there is there is a lot going for them and Leverkusen they once again I think are doing justice to their as you said reputation as the go-to Club to see talent emerge first and that’s why a lot of Scouts always looking at them which is of course a bit of a problem when it comes to holding the team together yeah you mentioned high habits but he’s someone who I mean he’s only 19 years old but he’s holding down the first team place at Leverkusen and he sort of become a bit of a creative playmaker for him as well yeah I mean habits complain a variety positions he can play wide he can play as a second striker he can play number 10 roll and he’s even played a little bit deeper at times and he excels in all different positions he’s got so much karma son ball he always makes the right decisions he’s got an elegance to him people can’t really tackle him he’s kind of pressing resistant as we say in German which has become very important in the modern game yeah and the guy plays like he’s 29 not 19 at the same time deceptively quick I just looked at the stats the other days one of the quickest players in Abu Nazir you wouldn’t think it because he’s so tall and and and always seems to have time on the ball yeah and he’s already seen as somebody who’s gonna be huge important not just for the club but also for his country in no time at all excellent well there you go a few tips if you fancy managing Leyva Koosman on FM 19 so the next club we’re going to take a look at is Werder Bremen now Bremen I think I have a really unique identity really attacking way of playing I mean what can what can you tell us about them without a permanent wanted a blue-chip teams of the Bundesliga and as you said going back to the 80s and the Otto Rehhagel and later to a mush after your early noughties and mid nineties they have always had this stronger DNA of attacking football sometimes almost sort of cami Carter type very few defenders excellent I mean if you’re trying to replicate that attacking style in info manager do you think that the squad can can play that way do you think that the squads built that way or maybe have to look at to bring in a couple of extra players to help out it depends just how Cavalier your style who you want to be at the moment I think what is what is very different about Werder Bremen is that when they attack they attack with five sometimes six players which makes it overwhelming fall off the opponents but at the same time of course if you cannot then find the right finish you’re a little bit vulnerable at the back and that’s why we’ve seen a bit of a seesaw yeah as far as their results are concerned but overall you know with the likes of MUX cruiser and the agasshi iron brothers they have so much quality on the ball and going forward that it’d be almost shame not to play that way so I guess it sort of comes with the territory that if you take fara Bremen you know that this is what Fenster month the man this is what the squad kind of needs you want that kind of style and knowing that you might not eat cat one nil wins but you will have a lot more fun along the way excellence a very go if you want to play attacking football with a bright young squad then Raymond is the club for you so we’re going to move on now to talk about her to Berlin now her to our club that a very dear to my heart I had a very entertaining save with them on FM 17 won the league so much thank you one of the players that’s caught the eye this season is is Lazaro who’s I mean he’s playing a right back basically but still chipping in with goals and assists he’s an exciting player to watch and I think if when you’re talking about you know building on top of that foundation he’s a sort of player that certainly adds to estimate mix and something they haven’t had before really in that no no absolutely right I think so far they from up until the season they were known for the solidity and the real quality came in front of goal but now it’s more evenly spread in Lazaro it’s a perfect example he is really a attacking midfielder by trade but has been playing as a wingback has been playing as a right-back and it makes such a big difference if you have a right back that can attack yeah and can join and can do things and has at the same time the muscularity and a physical presence to defend really well i think there is a good reason to believe that he might be the next at a superstar in that position david alaba comparisons are inevitable because he’s also Austrian and Austrian don’t produce that many amazing players but I think they are warranted because he has the same makings of a guy who might be a very good midfielder but could be an absolute world beater in four back positions which always seem to be very difficult to fill adequately but we could also mention Guevara the role soon was coming in he’s another one who suddenly have given how to pace and they can wear very their game it’s even easier for them of course now to counter-attack because it got so much pace on the flanks yeah do you think so obviously we talked about counter-attack there do you think they have had the ability over some of the you know maybe standard scores Malay do you think they have ability to dominate games that they couldn’t do before I think that would be the next step in their development I think they at the moment they’re still set up to contain and then be quite vertical quite direct I mean that in a way is is their secret and I think they still need to maybe add one or two ball playing central midfielders right now it’s even if the formation isn’t always that way it’s still in my mind it’s a 4-4-2 right four midfielders and two strikers and sometimes the different parts of the team are not always as joint up as some of the better sides are with a fluidity yeah but it doesn’t really matter because they can still maximize those opportunities that they create they don’t need a lot of chances that’s still part of their their DNA and the padded eye and in DeRozan they have now somebody who is so exciting to watch and likes to cut in and likes to really relieve some of the pressure off the attackers skips him puts in performance and part as far as the goals are concerned and if you were talking about exciting players I think him and Lazaro I often have to be mentioned the same breath because they are sort of the new face of this very young head aside well there we go if you want to try it one of the new counter-attacking styles in FM 19 there may be hurt other club for you now we will move on to a club that have well quite frankly been dominating the league this season and also performing quite well in Europe and that is of course Borussia Dortmund and Dortmund obviously one of the biggest clubs in Germany but this season there they’re absolutely flying they come out the blocks and and one you know virtually every single game and it’s all down to a real mix of youth experience right I think there is a wonderful blend between not just youth and experience but also muscularity and physical presence and an ability to have that kind of mentality that you sometimes need to do the the less glamorous stuff and I serve Itzel and Thomas Delaney they’ve brought in sort of a new holding midfield all by themselves and then on top you’ve got this unbelievable amount of quality both in terms of the numbers but also in terms of the quality of the players there’s so much there I mean if my regrets I can’t get into the squad you just know that this is a good team yeah there you go I mean let’s talk about a player who I think has been making headlines certainly on this side of Europe as well Jaden Sanjay know someone who I mean a familiar name I think to many not just FM fans but English football fans who has taken that sort of now is a more established route to joining the Bundesliga as a young player and being given that first team first team football and he’s taken you know taking full advantage of it yeah I think Sancho has been the outstanding performer for Dortmund which in a crowded field says says quite a lot yeah I mean Picasso might have a word to say I think that son sure has been has been unbelievable and this has come on the back of half a season last year where in Dortmund they were saying yeah he’s great but he still makes so many wrong decisions and his inexperience is telling you know he tries too hard a little bit and suddenly he’s gone from sort of a hot and cold player and that inconsistency to being 100% on and focused and sharp and producing every single game which at his age is a real miracle and I think it’s not just testament to him and his maturity but also to loosen father and a team around them which have all given him a platform to shine and to suddenly go from one of the budding talents to a guy that can start for one of the best teams in Europe and Dortmund are one of the best teams in Europe and certainly the most fun team in Europe if you ask me yeah definitely man attacking style goals for fun and there’s no barrier in the league and in Europe so there we go Dortmund obviously as I said one of the most popular saves already but definitely worth checking out on my team as well the final team we’re gonna look at is Borussia mönchengladbach who are a team that have not only a rich heritage in in German football also one of the most well supported teams in the country as well I mean what can you tell us about the current coming squad well brush here was from Joppa in Germany Arsenal with youth there the folds which kind of feeds into that idea and they’re synonymous with free-flowing attacking football right really since the late 70s they’ve been trying to play that way and they’re trying to come back to the glory days which has brought them a big fan base all over Germany I think it’s hard to understand just how well supported they are a lot of people sort of have them at they’re separate as a second club right or if you know if you grew up in a place that didn’t have a big team you would have adopted pursuant in black behind the 70s or 80s so still massive following and they’re all getting very excited because this is a team with torgan hands Elbert Jonas Hoffman was Alice on the play up front that plays some really good stuff on a dieter hacking he’s not always been able to sustain the kind of momentum that they built up a few years ago when it got back into European competition but I think there was a sense that this year they’re once again being true to their kind of tradition and their traditional values as one of the most exciting teams in Germany so for GLAAD about to take the next step where do you think they need to strengthen and where do you think people who are going to take charge when I like them should be looking to prioritize bringing players in I still think that the full-backs can do with a bit of an upgrade it’s a difficult really difficult area to find good players a lot of teams looking for four backs all the time and for the likes of persimmon clapper who don’t necessarily have the biggest budget it’s it’s a problem area I would say and you wonder if they could play a bit more football you know when it is lost Moda who to brochure Dortmund I think his sort of I wouldn’t say gap but his ability to be the classic number eight it does a little bit of everything hasn’t quite been filled yet in Zachary I have a really exciting guy coming through yeah young swiss international but he hasn’t quite established himself just yet well there we go room for improvement as well but obviously a very very talented squad at your disposal if you want to take you guys are glad back on FM 19 well that’ll about do it for this Bundesliga special of yes I’m sure like to thank Rafa for joining us and giving us his insights into both the teams and players we discussed thank you for having me no prob at all and if you have enjoyed this video then please do leave a like in the video and of course comment down below with the sort of teams you’re going to be playing as in the Bundesliga the players you’ll assign from there and tell us your stories down below and don’t forget to subscribe as well to the football manager at YouTube channel to find out all the latest goings on at the FM show and much much more precise Val about Dave for this episode we’ll see you again very very soon bye guys

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