Football Manager 2013 Video Blogs: Match Day (English version)


With every new game in the Football Manager series we always strive to create a more dynamic and immersive match day experience and with FM13 we believe we have gone one step further in our aim to achieve this If you’re the type of manager that likes to be kept up to date with goings on both in the game you’re playing and with what’s going on throughout your league, you’ll be very happy with what we’ve added: During each match on FM13 managers will see a live feed of instructions and suggestions from their coaching staff and that’s not just feedback from them about how your team are doing, but also the latest goal updates from their league as well as any league table position changes your side go through in 90 minutes, all of it on one panel. This will allow managers to keep watching the game, whilst making any tactical changes based on what’s happening in games involving your league rivals In fact, that pop-up panel can be customised to display up to 14 different information options, which allows managers to see what’s going on in the game and alter their tactics accordingly – far more quickly and in a better way than before. The process of making a substitution has also been streamlined. During a match you’ll now see a ‘Make Substitutions’ button in the top left of the screen this allows managers to make in-game substitutions quicker and easier than before… simply by dragging and dropping the player in question. Managers can then either confirm the substitution and get straight back to the action, or can give the incoming player final instructions before sending him onto the pitch. Despite the fact that managers can now access much more information during a match, we’ve still managed to make the matchday screen less cluttered than previously. In FM13 the action bar and match info bars are both now animated to slide off screen and reappear when you move your mouse towards them this isn’t just easier to use, it also makes the matches look better and means you can see more on the screen. You can also easily set camera angles inside the match including choosing the new rail cam or zoom in or out of the action. You can also decide what amount of highlights to watch using the new highlight mode and you can set different speeds for the match action and text commentary outside of highlights. So there are a few of the changes we’ve made to the matchday experience on Football Manager 2013. As playing matches is arguably the most important part of the game, we’re pleased to have made changes to make that experience better than ever before.

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