FOOTBALL: Liberty – Player Post Game

FOOTBALL: Liberty – Player Post Game

Oh, it was huge. I was talking to [INAUDIBLE]
kids before the game, and I was telling him that
this is our last game at home together, I was going
to do everything I could to send him out with a bang. So you know I just told myself
if the ball comes my way, I’ll just do everything
I can to execute. [? Winning ?] at
half time, we knew we were getting the ball back. So you know everybody
was talking to me how big of a return was going to be. And all throughout
the week, you know we talked about how
important special teams is, how special teams
change the game, and how we need our
special teams to change the game every game. So going into halftime, I knew
I was going to have a chance to return the ball. And the time came, I
did everything I could. Oh, it’s a huge step for us. It just goes to show how deep
and strong this culture is. And you know it’s only going
to get better from there. I feel like it was another game. Definitely now I kind
of like just cherishing all the moments. I was just trying to cherish
everything in the game and one last time go out there and
go out with my teammates at Scott’s Stadium. And I’m just glad
we got the win. We knew we had to run
the ball, and when we running the ball on offense
that makes our offense go. It opens up everything from
past game to Bryse running. So when we’re able
to run the ball, it just makes our offense
unstoppable, I feel like. I wanted to kind of get
back and get that loss out of our system from Pit. And we got back in
the winning column and just got to use
this momentum going back into conference play and finish
the season up with two big road games, and we’ll come
out and be ready to play against Georgia Tech and
then going in Virginia Tech. It’s two big games so. Honestly, I just treat
it like any other game. I mean we have to go out and
do a little ceremony before. But other than that I just
saw it as another game, and I had to go out there
and just play and have fun. Because I know this is my
last time at Scott Stadium. So I wanted to make
it one to remember. Honestly, we just have to do our
job and be fundamentally sound. And we knew that we
would come out victorious if we was to do our job. And that was the main thing. Liberty has a heck
of an offense, and they gave us trouble
early in the game. We had to make some adjustments. And they really couldn’t
move it too much after. So I’m proud of
our defense for how they played because we
gave them 24 points, and they’re, like you
said, our top 25 offense. They had the momentum
kind of in the beginning because they were
going for those plays and actually making them. And when you go for a fourth
down and don’t get it, that flips the momentum. And we was right there to score. So it just made it so
much easier for us. And it was a good thing for us.

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  1. 7-3 team played hard and won another battle. This team has more than a chance at winning 10 this season, so awesome. Love watching this team play. Now need to go to the ATL and find a way to achieve win No.8

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