FOOTBALL: Indiana Highlights – 9/9/17

FOOTBALL: Indiana Highlights – 9/9/17

[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Good afternoon and
welcome, once again, to Charlottesville,
Virginia, where today, the Virginia
football team looking to make it two wins
in his many games to open this 2017 schedule. Today, it is an ACC,
Big 10 challenge. Only this time, it’s
on the gridiron, as Virginia plays host to just
its fifth Big 10 opponent ever, with Indiana coming to town. Quick snap, pressure
coming from the outside, he is sacked by Jordan
Mack back at the 25. Takes the snap, Virginia
sends the blitz. Steps up, fires to the far side,
intercepted by Juan Thornhill on the far sideline. Thornhill in full extension
in front of the Indiana bench, comes up with the first
takeaway of the game. Blitz coming. Benkert steps up in the
pocket, fires over the middle, it’s complete to
Zaccheaus at the 10. Sheds a defender, slashing
his way ahead inside the five, as he’s tackled at the ankles. Snap is off, hold is down. Kick is up, and it is good. So the freshman comes up
with his first career points as a Cavalier. He’s scrambling, Ramsey trying
to break the defense down. He’s got room in front, across
the 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown, Indiana. Now, looking to throw. Pocket collapsing,
and he’s going to get sacked on the play. Chris Peace comes over
to make the tackle. There’s the sack,
and the second sack of the game for the
Virginia defense. Waiting for that snap on
third down, there it is. Virginia sens the pressure. Here they come! Backs all over him. Kiser finishes him
off back at the 11. The third sack of the day. And it comes off third down
with just nearly a minute and a half gone. Third down, 10 yards to go. One man with him
in the backfield. That’s Jordan Ellis. He’s got a receiver to
his right and to the left. Blitz coming. Benkert fires over the middle. This is complete
to Hasise Dubois. He is very close to
that first down marker, and it appears to have it. One man behind him,
he’ll hand if off. Jordan Ellis with room. He gallops through the left
side of the defensive line and takes it into the end
zone for the touchdown. [BAND PLAYING] Pressure from the outside. He steps away from him. He can’t get away from Kiser. Micah Kiser sacks him in the
backfield for a loss of two, back to the 30. Wants to throw this
in the flat, now he decides he’s going to air it
out down to the end zone, where it is caught by Donavan
Hale in the front of the end zone for a touchdown. He takes a snap, rolls right,
pressure coming, again. He completes the pass. Olamide Zaccheaus is
belted out of bounds. Going to dump it off to Red. Reed has to reach down
to make the catch, but he’s got a block. He’s going to take
it into the end zone. Touch down around the
left side, Virginia, with a chance to get
back to within 10. He’ll take the snap, rolls
to his left, if he tucks it and run, he might be
able to get there, dumps it into the end zone. It is knocked down, incomplete. Virginia’s defense
holds at the 3. Virginia just not able
to make those downfield passes, losing 34 to 17 today. Cavaliers doubled up by
the Indiana Hoosiers, as they drooped their
first game here of 2017.

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