FOOTBALL: Indiana – Bronco Mendenhall Post Game

FOOTBALL: Indiana – Bronco Mendenhall Post Game

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, a hard fought game. I thought we competed
harder and played more aggressively
and more assertive in the second half
than the first. The game came down to a few
critical plays with a chance to win right at the very end. I think Bryce showed a lot
of courage and fortitude and gamesmanship and
gave us a great chance. Our execution was just
not consistent enough and with the, I think
a tentative first half. A few key penalties mixed
in and a hard fought game and just fell short. What was the play from
that last, like you said, 27 yards to get there, you
kinda over performed [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, basically it’s, for lack
of a better term, Big Ben. And so there’s three players
that will go up for the ball, and then a trailer that
will slide in behind in case it’s tipped or knocked forward. And, yeah, it was a nice throw. There was a bunch of
hands that went up. And sometimes you come down
with it, sometimes you don’t. But Bryce gave us a chance. Can you explain the
late penalty there? I mean, usually if there
was pass interferences more come from the line, right? The– Was that the statement
by the officials? I was told it was a spot foul. I saw it clearly and, yeah,
the ball was in the air. And he pushed our guy down. And that was before he
intercepted it and took off. But that’s what I was told. Jared’s a defensive guy. What do you think about
running back over 200– Yeah, it’s not acceptable. There’s– our run defense
allowed time of possession. But also in a game we
made critical stops when we had to and kept
the points low enough to have a great chance to win. However, not playing the ball as
well as their receivers played the ball and not consistently
playing good run defense, in terms of just being gap
sound, that allowed Indiana to maintain kind of
control of the game, it seemed like, in
terms of momentum. What about [INAUDIBLE]? I think he had a play that was
ruled a first down at one point and then taken back. I mean, what did you see
there and what would you– Yeah, the threshold, I know is
indisputable video evidence. So they must of– it must
have been indisputable. But I thought he
had a first down. What about your own
offensive line, um– I think we struggled. So, look, Bryce is very active. And so he was hard
to get on the ground and created and did a
lot of things on his own. Indiana kept our run game
going lateral more the downhill for a lot of the
night, which mitigated some of Jordan Ellis’s
effectiveness with 63 yards. You know, we’d like him
to be over 100 certainly. But they kept him going lateral
more than we would have liked. How much did the
weather limit what he wanted to do in passing? How much did he have
to make a change to play because of the weather? You know, we probably
didn’t change as much as maybe they did. Our intent was to
run the football and run it effectively. And the weather certainly– I mean it affected both teams. And it changed
the style of play. And it took a little
while for, I think, to see how the game was going to
be played and what you could do and what you couldn’t
do with the weather. And so that’s– maybe
that contributed to some of the feeling out
nature of the first half. So, yeah, I would
say it changed it. But you know it changed
it for both teams. Do you– [INAUDIBLE] of the early
fumble on the kickoff return– Mm-hm. –how much did that harm you? Man, when you
consider a game that goes right down to the very last
play, every possession counts. And as much as
that one hurts us, the two blocked field goals, or
the blocked PAT and the blocked field goal, man,
those really helped. So, but yeah, that did hurt. And they capitalized on it. And ultimately any
one of those plays has a chance to
change the outcome. And that’s where our
program is, in my opinion, is we’re battling for these
kind of games a year ago. We’re on the field
and have to make stops on fourth down to win games. And now this time we’re
throwing it into the end zone to try to win a game. And that’s– so when you’re
in that place and when you’re in that stage and
every single drive matters, but you can’t present it
as such without, you know, just being overbearing on the
magnitude of what the game looks like. Coach, you may have
already answered this question, but how’s
the weather, when you knew it pretty much was going
to be raining all game, how do you prepare for that
and how did it affect you? Oh, I don’t think you can
prepare for it as much as what either team would have liked. When we’re back home,
any time it rains, our offense goes
outside intentionally. But, yeah, you change the
plan as much as you need to. And then you start the game and
see what actually you can do and what you can’t, how much
the weather affects you. And so I’m not going to say
it changed us dramatically. And it was the same
for both teams. That was– what
was the last play? What were you trying to– It– it– I mean, obviously you
needed a touchdown. Yeah. I mean, was there a
certain play you ran or– It’s just Big Ben. It’s a Hail Mary type of play. With Jared, I mean, honestly he
doesn’t have to always run it. But what’s kind of your thought
on maybe the way he’s going to go about that in the future? You know, we were
just surprised first that they kicked it to him. We kind of perceive
him, well, I guess maybe we perceive
him as a bigger threat than what they did. And so we were excited when
he caught it and thought that that would be a
positive thing for us. And it ended up not being so. But we, yeah, we would love the
opponents to kick it to Joe. And we’ve encouraged him to
catch it and run with it. And the confidence built is kind
of regardless of conditions. And just unfortunately he
didn’t hold onto it today. How much did Steve– how much
did number 21 [INAUDIBLE] Scott, the running
back surprise you? Or did you kind of know going
in he might be impressive? No, we didn’t think
they’d be able to run the football effectively. And so we learned a lot
about our team today and Coach Howell and the
defensive coaches did. Made some adjustments
the second half. But there’s a lot
of takeaways there that going to– that we’re
going to have to work on. Now well– You said that every play
matter in a game like this. What gets you guys
over that hump? What gets you guys that
one play that maybe you’re not making in a game like this? Well, you know, the same
things that probably helped us in beating Georgia Tech and
in beating North Carolina and in beating teams like that,
that urgency and that mindset and that competitive spirit,
I saw more in the second half than the first. And it’s the ability
to sustain that mindset and that sense of urgency
and that edge for longer. And, again, it’s,
yeah, one or two plays is where exactly it
is for either team. But a little bit of a
learning curve with Bryce now in his second game. And his fighting spirit and his
battling and that last drive, there was a lot of really
good things he did there. And so plenty to
build on that way. Now it’s just the consistency
and from beginning to end. You know, we’re, again, I think
it was a tale of two halves. So we were tentative in half
one and more aggressive and more assertive in half two today. There were a couple Indiana
drives where they ended up punting, but they got a couple
first downs along the way and were able to kind of flip
the field like the last pass. Were you happy with the third
down defense in general? You know the stops, and
let’s just face it 20 points, gives you a great
chance to win the game. So regardless of what
other the statis– what other statistics
happen, 20 points, you’ll always be in the game. And so to the defense’s credit,
critical plays, critical stops, and doing just enough. But 20 gives you a great chance. [INTERPOSING VOICES] –really gearing things toward
Jordan Allison [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, I think so and
to some of the core plays that were shown last
week for the first time. So they did a nice job
defending a few of the plays that Jordan had real
success with a week ago. Speaking of Jordan,
he and Bryce almost lost a fumble [INAUDIBLE]
late in the first quarter. Jordan didn’t see another carry
until almost four minutes was left in the first half. [INAUDIBLE] get his head right? Was he banged up? [INAUDIBLE] No, I just– it would be
more flow of the game. There wasn’t
anything headset wise that was just saying now
intentionally not giving him the ball. It was just from
whatever we were seeing offensively
that trying to exploit a few different areas. And there were two plays, one
being [INAUDIBLE] touchdown catch where Jordan didn’t
really sell the [INAUDIBLE].. He went straight for the block. Does that kind of speak
to the minute details of this option oriented office? Yeah, there’s plenty to work on. And on a day like today
in those conditions, there’s plenty of
things that then get exposed even at a higher
level, especially in week two with our quarterback. Again, having said all that,
my message to them was, I really liked how
they finished the game in terms of the mindset
of the second half. And that in and of itself
gave us a great chance, yeah, right at the end. [TECHNICAL SWOOSH]

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