Football Hulk Survives Shooting, Returns to Field!

Football Hulk Survives Shooting, Returns to Field!

just sixteen weeks after being shot five
times more recent burt rand is already backplane call at playing football for
linking university aid this is an insane story it’s his
football physique actually probably is what saved his life he was uh… and he walked across the street to
convenience store there is a fight going on he decided he broke up the fight and that has he was walking away he got
shot five times that he says that adam all that punctured vital organ party actually so
his his intensive often seek stop the bullets from country
any of his vital organs but had broken bertrand right died on into
ten or fifteen he said under his left ankle struck his back
one-handed left bicep so hard it went through his shoulder and into his eyes can you imagine i don’t really want to nor can we show
the the picture of him to see i didn’t six-two two hundred eighty pounds he looks like he’s twenty nine years old
and i think it leads um… and i and i’m not exactly how well not always a little out of
college athletes look like that so i’m not going to have affected growth
hormone or something because the north so much older com conflicts interest in the fall with leah
at two hundred eighty pounds per acre beloved his intense football physique stopped it
like deflects the bullet away but heard before any other time any altitude bauer b i began yahoo they said that when you
first arrived at cooper university hospital they said this guy is still
alive and at spring present five rules and
when i love about this story is that it’s basically like the plot of kickass that what he was trying to break at this
late should be a good guy he gets shot five times and now after like intense
like eleven months of physical therapy he’s about to start playing again or has
started playing in the plan tightly clear here but that’s pretty amazing he shot in the
eye his thigh bone was swiss cheese
basically like apples dash ten to fifteen pieces inside bosnia that’s uh… but apparently like he’s
done incredible old work to try to get back intuit like
his are you still very blurry he’s got a couple of surgery is not that is alright but is about the surplus like i can
imagine i’d be walking possibly ever one it’s a miracle that he has found
them the the doctor to send his conviction
was so motivated especially from day one he was gonna beat this and that is props and that someone present for
anyone in need anyone to get back up and then yeah like he said not only to be
walking and just alive in flippant and also to be back playing the sport that
you love after being shot and that one down side of the story is no one’s
actually been arrested because matching which is let’s go dark side of this in
the so he’s also but he was being beaten up or debris ultimately fight heart
broken up at that point and then began to sort of some of that
is such a yet what she has he thinks was and response the fact that he broke up
the sitehelp this person some bumps in the lives of some people
live but the moral of this story is that if you fear violence in the future of just become a
massive over them and it will be fine so i don’t know where anything japanese
doomed and dinner with a couple spitball
letters of all the pieces there’s are the reason that i truly believe what you
guys said about how uh… football players are in such great
shape and that helps them is because they are
ever stalking a former usc trojans they missed the fund johnson and he missed
his senior year because he dropped a two hundred seventy
five-pound barbell on his neck world strong growth season bleeding tourism knows and i think it’s years and he
couldn’t talk for a while on a good doctors said the doctor said this before any time
someone e_s_p_n_ one over dinner with the doctors and tried to talk to johnson that if it wasn’t for his physical
pacific for his physique and because he was so in shaping so
built that he probably could have died yeah sold i mean this is this is
probably in many football players avoiding big-time injuries but i mean in these cases it only helps to be that now in the contrary about if you have themselves off he would have been
listening to a new sense i havent from his twenty three-year-old pressure neck
of the two hundred fifty pounds of a uncompressed does not look like pat
counts now it seems weird to say the like his
neck was thick but yeah i like you to get stabbed her which is weird aane
muscles as like everything else apple about ad yes your head has been added uh… it was like a side point that that
he brings of this very interesting that like doing bench press is like the most
terrifying exercise because i think it is spotted you have that spent a lot of
fun you know i have a spotter well anytime you want to tell yourself
with the most we possible and you want to go like that one extra rapidshare
risking life yeah before you know if anything is like
businesses are more lives in a very uh… excellent episode nervous children
it does fall you there’s no good options at that point in the role of your skull
or basketball tickets are separated exactly the kind of like allowed yeah i
mean ideally you wouldn’t have plagued the weights on that so points you can
get them off put me down i think i think they’re saying he’s giving us the proper
technique but what’s really going on rafael yes
rare last night if that’s what happened last week of bar b he said he was compared he was on his
chest and he think he said he’s taken less
river insult he’s there was no locks on the use of
the way it’s likely details of the site and drop off the air demands a lot of
minneapolis that whatever the whatever people
looking to do a lot of weight so let me know you don’t need to cut yeah first of all ten planes yeah if you
are sewn click crazy the way to work out that you’re just doing it like this do
you have any additional october eighth or not lanier recently looking that
lives in attending lifting so much that you can start leaking charlie a row well they got here is a very to the contrary this for cell ok gym
class when i was i wouldn’t go unites laws about for eleven so no at that dot and now were both twins so dizzy addie was stopped more year
like did this book called code is trying to
get us to lift all these weight sound guy unlike aren’t cannot do it and see what handling to the bench press
in fact was lifting and the guy who was like collar net some girl when our class with
antibiotics the like although fell hard roller guard mom
picked me up from school uh… dough narcotic resides in the the the know is
that would come from michael eisner aaa and yeah but that wasn’t really are fine seven
spotting elevator well that’s why i posed with the families of the event of
improvement figures floors are definitely item or as per

85 thoughts on “Football Hulk Survives Shooting, Returns to Field!

  1. this young lady needs to practice her reporting skills….. she has the paper in front of her and still struggle to say whatever she needs to say…

  2. Oh god, you gotta clamp the weights on. If they shift while you're lifting, they could fall on you or unbalance you so your drop the bar on yourself or tear something horribly. There's a whole ocean of misery. If you fail on a bench, just roll it down to your lower torso then sit up. It's called 'The Roll of Shame;.

  3. John and Lisa I am a sophomore in college and I just can't seem to find any motivation to go to class I love what I am studying (Political Science) but I am just not motivated like I was last year. Any tips?

  4. His physic might have helped, but he been lucky anyway… He only been shoot 5 times while being in Camden.
    Seriously, why Washington do not take over that town? I know it is not a nice solution, but it is a freaking mess. Society need a certain balance between change and order: Camden show no order and goes backward. It's not Campbell soup that will help. They need to increase safety so that business could flourish.

  5. It is not entirely impossible, muscle is solid mass. It can act as protection against traumas. Hence why martial arts push the concept of strong muscle mass to protect yourself from attacks and prevent locks. Muscles protect organs and mass, and if you have strong muscles can reduce damage you take from impacts, even knife strikes.

    Strong neck muscles are also developed to reduce damage from whiplash , punches to the head and a strong neck muscle allow you to do strong headbutts.

  6. 50 cent got shot in the face five times. He's still alive and rapping. Man, these people annoy me.


  7. Muscle Mass and Muscle Density are very important in this matter. Luckily enough he survived, but his muscle density probably had very little to do with it considered the bullets shattered his bones and penetrated through his shoulder. If anything, it probably just helped in distributing the kinetic energy.
    Still glad he made it out though.

  8. that usc player is not that strong letting a 275 bar slip on to his neck. 275 is not that much and since it was in his neck it was the bench. I was repping 265 two years ago

  9. If you look at it the amount of force that football players get hit with every single game they play, it should not be too much of a shock that this guy recovered from this type of physical truma.

  10. It's incredible that he dealt with it that way. However, so many people are forever changed by traumatic experiences. Is it possible to do a TYTU episode on how traumatic experiences effect people? Great job, TYT.

  11. He's also back to playing Call of Duty, but that fact isn't so astonishing when he's also back to playing football.

  12. I understand that she was trying to say "college football" now, but it honestly sounded as she was going to say Call of Duty

  13. You shattered your femur huh & your playin B.S! Common Tyt I like you guy's what bigger load of shit can you find? Wtf & 29 in university hmmmmm mmm mm. I see! No sense no feelings.

  14. Well, to be honest, at first I didn't but I got a lot of replies telling me that it was, and you are the first one of those I am responding to. Thank you.

  15. Buff helps, but like super toned. The density per square inch will be greater so there will be mass slowing down the bullet. And I bench press alone sometimes, but I use a rack and set the support bars so if I drop the barbell it will be right on my neck, but crush my chest and/or face. This way I can get full range motion over the chest but if push come to shove I'd set it down over my neck and then roll off the bench.

  16. He just made it so obvious in this video is all. The going in for the choke and the scream at 3:10 with the prolonged joke. I can also tell that Lisa doesn't like him that way at all. John got friendzoned.

  17. It doesn't have anything with his physique he was lucky not to be shot in serious deathly places shoot him in the brain or heart and no physique will help him

  18. You guys are journalists, not physical fitness professionals. You should lock the weights, it keeps them from moving around and spreaing apart (which does happen) and can throw off balance and cause injury. Also, in instances like the benching situation… you should have a spotter, it is encouraged and a well known tenant of lifting. I have experience and years of this as I played many sports and even played in college for a short time. That's also why there are machines if no spotter

  19. exactly, if you're training in a gym there will almost always be someone to help you. Plus if you don't use the collars it could seriously fuck your shoulder up when you dump the weights and all of a sudden the weight shifts to the other side. These guys don't know anything about training, they're just the regular college kids who occasionally dropped by the gym.

  20. Actually u r wrong I am 5'11 and 180
    so not the buff but I have guns up my arms
    My point is many people get shot five times and survive
    So they did not prove the his physique saved his life
    It was just luck that he was not shot in any vital organs
    ur pathetic for assuming that everyone is just hating because their life is miserable as yours

  21. I certainly wouldn't call myself miserable. I'm an amateur bodybuilder, certainly not great, but I know my stuff, around 220 right now. I also speak 3 languages and have lived in 3 countries, i have a great girlfriend and am financially sound. so i don't think i would consider my life miserable. no one said they proved anything, they just said it probably helped. Of course it depends on the caliber of the gun numb nuts.

  22. Actually it has a lot to do with his physique. Luck, too. But also a lot with his physique.
    Stop spewing meaningless bullshit.

  23. That's not bullshit, if he was shot in the brain or heart he would most likely die, shot in any other vital organ or maybe an artery and he'd probably die, he'd have to rely on luck.

  24. … luck plays most of it when your shot. Major Arteries are located all over the body, you get shot there and there's a good chance you will bleed out and die unless they can get you into surgery. Getting shot in any one of your vital organs(head chest, stomach areas etc) is mostly fatally.(lungs and kidneys less so) You could be hulk hogan, but if your shot in heart your dead. It doesn't matter how long you've built yourself up, your still a squishy little human.

  25. ^^^^^^ people survive gunshots because they don't hit vital organs, or arteries. He is 100% correct his physique didn't save his life. There are very RARE situations where obese people's fat can slow bullets enough that it won't do as much damage as it normally would or veer it ever so slightly off its straight course.

  26. I love your obsession with Married With Children, John. I have all 11 seasons and watch them religiously. "Am I tough ee-nuff? Am I tough e-nuh-uhhhhhffff?!!!

  27. Actually usually after you have lifted about a month your technique starts to be that solid that if you do basic training for gaining muscle you don't need to lock up weights ect. In that part that is actually good, because you see if there is some unbalancing in your body cause if everything is fine weights shouldn't move.
    But just if you do basic, 6-12 reps, 60-85% of your max. If you do like Maxes or Exploding power ect. you definetly should lock weights.

  28. who breaks up a fight in Camden better yet who even goes to Camden? Camden is worse than Kabul, Afghanistan. try breaking up a Taliban fight and see what happens

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