Football Highlights: Buena Vista University vs. Mayville State


We are ready to get things going, hope you are as well and we’re glad to have you tuned in. Miller out of the pistol, he’ll turn and give to Thomas once again He’s got room to the left side! Thomas crosses midfield! Thirty, twenty, ten! See! You! Later! Touchdown Buena Vista! How about that? I’m just talking about how it’s so hard to transfer from high school to college, and right away he breaks through! Fifty-six yard touchdown scamper for Tariq Thomas, and a very promising start to that young man’s collegiate career. Oh, he’s going to turn and give, and that’s his fullback trying to go up the middle, and he’s absolutely stuffed. That was William Wilson, a senior out of Campo, California. Miller’s back to pass, steps in the pocket, fires, got a man that’s Ross Adamson and he’s got blockers. He’s going to be dropped down near the first down marker. Back to pass is going to be Miller, steps in the pocket, pump fakes, fires, got a man! It’s caught. And that’s his big tight end, and he’s got room. Across the forty! Thirty! To the twenty! The fifteen! See! You! Later! Touchdown Buena Vista! How about that for an offensive drive, Tanner? Two passes gets you all the way from the thirteen yard line, And we’re back up! It’s a low snap, it’s going to be picked up and sent end-over-end and that’s not a great punt. It’s going to be fielded with room to return, though and getting free! That one coming up the middle does he have room, does Pacheco? Gets a block to the fifty, the forty. Touchdown Buena Vista! How about that, Tanner? Eric Pacheco, the freshman with his first career touchdown! And that’s absolutely incredible, Tanner. You come in as a freshman, you’re the punt returner and you really can’t say enough about the freshmen that we’ve seen today two huge runs out of freshmen, making big, big plays. Young man out of Kearney, Nebraska able to take it all the way back, and Buena Vista has a two touchdown lead. …the far side, that’s Momon, back to pass rolling out of his left side, trying to tuck it and run he’s dropped in the backfield! QB sack for Zach Brandt! Back to pass is Pfau, he looks to his left side trying to step up and run. He’s pressured, he’s sacked! Thomas, the running back, lining up as a receiver. Deep ball! Wide open, by himself, TJ Lint To! The! House! Touchdown, Buena Vista! No flags on the play, that’s going to be another touchdown, Tanner. This has been an absolutely explosive offense thus far. Back to pass, blitz coming, sacked! Gary Weaver came around the end unblocked and he is able to drop him in the backfield. There’s a pitch to Earles, running to the right side and he’s dropped in the backfield! Linebacker blitz for the captain, Brady Illg! Here’s a turn, fake the give, fires on a bubble screen that’s complete, TJ Lint. He’s got a first down, midfield, forty-five, forty, one man to beat, to the thirty, the twenty and finally tripped up near the fifteen yard line TJ Lint, Mr. Big Play once again. Grant Mollring will get the hands team out there he’s nineteen seconds away from winning his head coaching debut. There it is, low line drive kick Mayville might have it, I think it did not go ten yards. I don’t think it went ten yards in the first place, I think that’s what they threw the flag for. Well that should do it. And the Buena Vista Beavers are 1-0 to start 2017 and Grant Mollring wins his head coaching debut.

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