Football Field-Sized Asteroid to Pass Earth Saturday

Football Field-Sized Asteroid to Pass Earth Saturday

(Image Source: G. Masi & F. Nocentini)


In what seems to be becoming a trend — yet another asteroid
will be flying by Earth. This one as big as a football field. CNN answers the question
on just about everyones mind.

“How worried if at all we should be or just thinking
this is pretty cool, um, tell me about this asteroid.”
“The latter, no fear, no
threat, it is cool it’s called 2013 because of the year ET.”

Here’s a look at
the football field sized asteroid. You can faintly see it making its way across the sky.
According to this asteroid was detected on March 3, just a few days before it’ll
fly by Earth on Saturday, March 9th. It won’t be the easiest thing to spot in the sky despite
its impressive size.

“…which is about the size of a 26 story building will come
about 604-thousand miles from Earth tomorrow, that’s about 2.5 times the distance from
the Earth to the moon.” [Via WFMY]

So we can all breath a sigh of relief.. or can
we? A writer for Slate says we’ve been getting an awful lot of these closer calls lately.

you have a near-miss by an asteroid the size of an office building just hours after a monster
meteor rocks Russia which happened just a day before a fireball blazed over California…
well it really does seem like the Universe is trying to kill us.” 

You may remember
Russia’s meteor back in February, which injured more than 1,000 people and caused
more than $30 million in damage. But the more recent asteroid on March 4th, known as 2013
EC, passed by peacefully. [Via International Business Times]

The Huffington Post notes,
“NASA researchers have identified … 95% of the 980 or so near-Earth asteroids … which
could threaten human civilization if they hit us… [none] are on a collision course
with Earth in the foreseeable future.”

While the spike in asteroids may have you thinking
someone, somewhere is out to get us, scientists say the only thing guiding the asteroids near
Earth is gravity and chance.

6 thoughts on “Football Field-Sized Asteroid to Pass Earth Saturday

  1. It's nuts to think about, but all you have to do is look at the moons and planets in our solar system without atmospheres to see just how many times remnants from the birth of the solar system come back around and hit stuff.

    Well…that and the fact that there's a 110 mile wide impact crater off the coast of Mexico that killed off the dinosaurs.

    Shit can get real any second when you're floating around in space.

  2. The Universe IS trying to kill us. I don't get the whole, "the universe is perfect for life thing". Yeah, tell that to the other 99% of species that are extinct.

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