Football field – English vocabulary

Football field – English vocabulary

Hi. I am Lukas. I am a teacher. And this is MonkeyEnglish. MonkeyEnglish is useful and simple. We will teach you the football’s field vocab. This is a football field or a pitch. This is a centre circle. And this is the centre spot. Every match starts here. This is a goal line. This is a side line or touch line. The ball is in the game. – the ball is in. The ball is out. This is the penalty mark. This is a penalty area. And this is a penalty arc. And this small… this is goal area. This is a goal. The left post, the right post and a crossbar. This is a dressing room. This is a score board. The game has just started. It’s a nil nil game or a tie game. A usual football match lasts ninety minutes divided in two halfs: first and second half. Between the halfs there is a halftime: fifteen minutes. If the game is nil – nil. there will be some added time. Corner kick. This is a corner flag. Important part of every match: is proper refreshment. Let’s watch the game. These are the viewers – the fans sitting on the terraces. Our player has scored a goal so it’s 1:0 for us.

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