Football fans in Chile attack riot police

Football fans in Chile attack riot police

A football match got completely out of hand
on Sunday when fans clashed with riot police. The violence erupted ahead of a highly anticipated
game between local teams Colo Colo and Barnechea. Fans threw objects at police and ripped up
a security booth as well as urinals as they rioted through Santiago’s National Stadium. Authorities have called on the clubs to identify
those responsible for the violence. We are going to act against those found responsible
and especially against those detained for the acts of violence and damage that happened.
Secondly, we are going to go to the courts and also the clubs, banning all access to
people who are identified. Local media has blamed a gang of hardcore
Colo Colo fans for the violence.

18 thoughts on “Football fans in Chile attack riot police

  1. Idiots. Hooliganism is a phase though. Britain went through it in the 80's. The chilean authorities just need to lay the smackdown on them. Hard labour in the copper mines should do it!

  2. Que vergüenza dan estos delincuentes para un club grande como Colo-Colo, que vuelvan las familias al estadio 

  3. It wasn't the fans that showed up in military gear and weaponry. Only one side showed up dressed for war…

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