Football, Family, and Coming Out.

Football, Family, and Coming Out.

I’m Robbie Macaraeg from Bremerton, Washington. Being from Washington, the Seattle area, we
have a lot of pride in our town. I even have a Seattle tattoo. I come from a family of avid Seahawks fans. We’re very prideful, we’re very close too. And I think that’s a really good bond that
we have, is watching the Seahawks, watching our sports. On Sundays we’d be outside running around,
playing around, getting messy, my mom’s inside watching the game and we’d come in. And same thing on Mondays, we’d go in pick
up food from the grocery store and come back and watch the game. And repeat on Thursdays. It was comfortable, it was fun. Never understood football but I knew I liked
watching it. There was a lot of fond memories that involved
the ‘hawks, just bonding memories with my brother, with my dad, my mom, with my entire
family, also with me coming out. I was 17 years old and I was dating this guy. And I told my mom he was a classmate of mine. So we were hanging out a lot. It was fine, I don’t think she knew, she
had no idea actually that I was gay at the time. So this guy and I were dating and we went
and saw a play at the local community college. He told me that he wasn’t into me and he
wanted to start seeing someone else, and being the 17-year-old dramatic little boy that I
was, I started crying. And my friend Heather, I call her, with my
Razr phone, “Hey, Heather, my heart’s broken.” And she came and picked me up. Crying, crying, crying. And she dropped me off at home. I walked in, my mom is in her uniform, her
jersey, her Seahawks jersey, screaming at the TV, “Go Hawks, no, no!” And I walk in just crying and she just stops
everything, literally goes into mama bear mode, “What happened? Are you okay? What’s going on?” Hugs me, hugs me, hugs me. I’m like, “Mom, I’m gay.” She’s like, “Oh, honey, honey, that’s
fine, but can we just wait till commercial?” I was like, “Okay…” And so I sat down and we watched the game
together and then commercial break and she was like, “Okay, so tell me about this thing
that you’re gay now?” I was like, “Well, yeah, I’m gay.” She was like, “Okay. Cool. Why are you crying?” And I told her, “This guy, he broke my heart.” And she was like, “Oh, honey, there’s
going to be a lot more of that where that came from. Hang on, the game’s back on.” It was just very cool that she was very open
to me coming out. It’s also really exciting that we have that
bond over football, over the Seahawks, which is a very prideful thing for me, not only
being from Seattle but it’s our pastime, my family’s past time. We always watch the games together. So we have the pride of my team, and just
the bond and so many memories that are tied with them as well.

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  1. I feel sorry for him, men can be heartbreaking jerks. I will feast on the blood of the next man who breaks my heart.

  2. Am I really alone in thinking it was really not good for his mother to want to focus more on a football game than his problems?Β  I mean, you ask your child who is crying to wait until a commercial?Β  Even if she's ok with him being gay, that seems just insensitive and wrong somehow for a parent to do that.

  3. That was a cute story. Which reminds me, I need to get back to Seattle at some point, it was amazing up there.Β 

  4. This is the coolest coming out story I've ever heard, next to the one of the guy telling his dad and his dad asking him if he wanted a medal or something. It's just like a non issue as it should be.

  5. She was just telling you honey I have known that for years and it’s cool but did you really have to do this during a game

  6. Fuck you and your favorite word-weapon "Homophobic". You pieces of shit use this like a club to anyone who challenges your beliefs.


  8. So many guys come out after a heart break. When you’re heart is broken you don’t have the strength to fix the pronouns (from he to she)

  9. "Mom I'm Gay", "That's great son, can we wait until commercials"? Looool, seriously its not that serious to interrupt a game. Beautiful.

  10. OMG…..that is the absolute funniest shit I've heard in a minute. I LOVE IT and I'm glad it went well for you. Thanks for sharing

  11. Good for you and your family!! I have a friend that was loving and trusting of his mother and when she asked him directly if he was gay he cautiously answered yes at age 14. From 14 years old my friends Mother ,Dad, and 3 other older siblings beat him black and bloody on a daily basis and mentally destroyed him all the way up until the age of 17 when he finally ran away to get free from the torture!! So as awesome as it is to hear this young man's story of a "nonissue" type acceptance please remember my friends' suffering and know many like that happen everyday and worse.

  12. That's nice most people don't like showing emotions mixed up with our chemistry that's what makes us humans I'm a nurse you wouldn't be human if you didn't have any emotions you mum sounds like a great person treasure it like gold we don't want to put mums out of business she gave you life 😎

  13. Been there done that.
    I fell in love with a male co worker
    Wrote a song about him and he lead me on he was a real prick
    His name was Brian Allen Crane
    The piece of shit was promoted
    To management i cried over him
    For 6 years im finally done with
    That piece of shit

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