Football Drills: Single Leg Hops

Football Drills: Single Leg Hops

[intro music]>>Chris Merritt: Hi, this is coach Chris Merritt
with DICK’S Sporting Goods and this is your Pro Tip on Single Leg Hops. Since most explosive change in direction moves
are done off of one foot, this drill focuses on that explosion.>>Merritt: What our athletes are going to
do is they’re going to hop over each hurdle on the same foot, maintaining arm swing. As they land on the ground after the final
hurdle, they’re going to explode out into a full sprint.>>Merritt: Ready. Go. Good job of maintaining the arm swing. On that last land, explode out of it. Good. Now drop the hips and go. Good.>>Merritt: And that is your DICK’S Sporting
Goods Pro Tip on Single Leg Hops. [outro music]

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