Football DNA — Lothar Matthäus

Football DNA — Lothar Matthäus

And today I want to present to you your DNA results. North and West European 24.7%.
What’s this? English 24.3%. East European – now we come to where
I actually had suspected I am a bit from. The research team of MyHeritage has found many of your ancestors. This is now the marriage certificate
of your grandparents. I just cannot read that, because that’s all written in Old German. When did they get married? 1931? Your maternal great-grandfather – Johann Georg Lohmeier – was called in 1915 and fought
like his son Georg in WWI. And here are the records again from the same maternal great-grandfather
and from his son Georg. What I experienced here today was awesome,
exciting, super interesting and I will certainly pass it
to my close family members.

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