Football DNA — Hernán Crespo

Football DNA — Hernán Crespo

Are you ready? I think so, I think so. Very good. Northern European.
But, whose? 17% I understand why I like it, because I like Italy. Your grandfather who grew up in Argentina and got married on November 5 to Zulema Magdalena Muñoz. We have, not only the marriage certificate but, the family of Zulema, also comes from Spain. So, on all sides, your family comes from Spain.
I never knew. Now I understand why when I go to
Spain, I feel at home. We found your great-grandfather, Vicente Bart, in the census
of 1895 and his profession as a gas company worker. The gas companies were in charge of going and
turning on streetlights, every day. You need to know where you are from to understand where you’re going.
To where I’m going. Now I understand why I like to travel.

17 thoughts on “Football DNA — Hernán Crespo

  1. Loved this video! I wish you would have picked a player with a more indigenous background. I contend that many people in Latin America do not know they have a large indigenous background and I think such epiphany for a player with these characteristics, can be of great service to regular modern Latin American peoples.

  2. Crespo should have been born 10 years later. It is a pity he had to compete with Batistuta for the striker position in Argentina national team. He is probably 10 times better than Higuain.

  3. argentino renegando de su sangre ibera que sospresa.. lo de italiano le vendra por via iberica tambien, que no se emocione 😂😂

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