Football Coach Destroys Lives To Win Games

Football Coach Destroys Lives To Win Games


53 thoughts on “Football Coach Destroys Lives To Win Games

  1. those are horrible people i hope they get what they deserve!..but what about the players?? you know the ones doing the rape?? are they in jail?

  2. but Kapernick can't play football anymore! The hypocrisy is apparent and people who think the HEAD football coach has no accountability what so ever need to wake the fuck up…Same MoFo's who are glad to eat crumbs from Trump's troth all with the hope to be openly racist and not loose my job or be told to shut the fuck up or stomped!

  3. *calls itself a “sports” channel
    *ONLY talks about sports if it involves something that can use to push race-baiting indoctrination, that “left/right” BS, or if the story involves big bad mean “white” men doing something naughty

  4. Who is the ONE PERSON (currently) who disliked this video showing their support of football players who rape women. Who does this?

  5. This is why I can never respect football players in general. They are worshipped in America while doing heinous shit like this.

  6. Can anyone explain to me why football matters? Why does anyone care so much about a meaningless game? That's all it is…a game. It's two groups of people chasing a ball around, like toddlers. Please explain how your life is different if one team wins as opposed to another. I'll wait….

  7. I thought the Baylor rape scandal was a false claim. I know the one claim against Shawn Oakland was, but I’m not sure about the others.

  8. It seems as time goes on, the immoral, unethical, corrupted insanely demented, dishonest people of our society has takin over all levels of power in our country. This is truly sad. Where are all the morally sound, uncorrupted, honest, loving and caring people in our country? And why aren't they in power? trump talks about shithole country's. In my view, we're not far off.

  9. This is so lopsided. He’s blaming it on the coach and not the players. When the players are the ones who did it

  10. blame everybody except law enforcement….popo knew about Sandusky years before the scandal broke….so they blame everyone except the cops…..strange ain't it ???..

  11. Baylor God's college lmfao it's just a Jesus curtain to cover up how horrible of a bunch of humans can be. They have had these issues for years.

  12. good cover up job ricky s., the way you made sure it was a all white thing! and when was this? like 7 years ago! during that time you won 3 championship rings💍💍💍in pick-up sticks with your buttcheeks and you snitch and sellout on fellow athletes (only whites) because black, people of color, glbt athletes don’t commit crimes. but you exploit them like your their master, you jerkoff!

  13. Maybe this guy should never be the HC of a major football program but to say he should never work again because of what some players did under his watch is insane!!!

  14. Problem here is how do you know if the sexual assault claims are real/true? In the time I've been on this earth it appears that at least half of those types of claims are FALSE. Makes you say HMMMM.

  15. Too many similar stories to be a sham……….no way he didnt know, head football coaches know everything about their team.

  16. Someone’s huge father needs to stomp a mud hole in Briles’ ass! And, a huge group of huge fathers, should round up those 19 football players, and have a massive ass-kicking festival, using the 19 football players asses, as the receiving kickees! Bastards!

  17. There ya go “Texas where men should be allowed to rape and abuse women without being made to pay for it. It’s their right and apparently the women agree??” Wtf?? Come on ladies, do you REALLY want your daughters and granddaughters to be treated like that?? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. It is a whole system/culture that is obsessed with the goddess victoria. Winning at all cost, even anyway necessary. "The winner takes it all." Moreover, when the faeces hit the fan, society also look for an individual to crucify. Yes, people like this are in every stratum of society but it is a system/culture that gives them the breathing and breeding ground to thive. Also the craziness of competing. Sports is just a thing you do with other poeple that are like minded. Win, lose, and draw are secondary. When it can be seen as such those in the upper tier of coaching sports will be loved and respected by all. Morality and ethics will be a given and all will be winners for sure. You can take this to the bank. #sportsforall.

  19. It's not the coaches fault, its just what young black males do. We warned you about this and you didn't want to listen.

  20. Go Baylor! Way to be a FAKE Christian University! Keep dumping on your morals; gotta get that silver, right?

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