Football Boot Tech Hacks Tested! DIY Tricks

Football Boot Tech Hacks Tested! DIY Tricks

(upbeat synth music) – What’s up guys? Matt from the Football Boots Team and in today’s video, we
are going to be showing you how to pimp out your football boot shoes in everyday objects to give
you better performances, so let’s go do it. Now we all know the words
lockdown and responsiveness are two of the hottest words
in football boot development. Now we also know that on the Hypervenom and on the Superfly of
Nike’s football boots they come with Flywire
cables to help that. So, what would happen if we
recreated the Flywire cables on the Adidas football boot? For any of our regular viewers, you would have seen that
a couple of weeks ago, we did a Speed Hack’s video and on that thumbnail, we put this pair of football boots with this special lacing system. Now you guys went crazy saying, “What was that lacing system? “Does it actually work?” So that’s what we’re going
to be looking at today. We are going to be creating
our very own Flywire laces on this Adidas boot, showing you how to do it and also testing to see
if it actually does work. The idea behind this lacing hack is to give you better lockdown
and responsiveness. What you need to do is get
a spare pair of shoelaces and then where you start
is at the front two studs, wrap around the boot, and then go into the bottom lacing hoop. Make sure they go around there. Go back under the boot to
one of the middle studs, put them around the stud, go back up to the lacing system, put them through the laces, go back towards the back heel studs, put them across the boot, and then you essentially
have two lacing systems working together and the second one acts as a cage to give you a more snug fit. When tying the two boots up, the one with the extra pair of laces for the added lockdown and responsiveness, they felt so much tighter
compared to the other boot. If you ask me if they would
make a slight difference, I would definitely say yes, because overall, it works
as almost an external cage, very similar to Nike’s Flywire. If somebody were to ask me
the two biggest features of the Adidas Ace 17+ Pure Control, hands down, I would say that
it doesn’t feature any laces and secondly it’s got a Boost sock liner. But the thing is, no other
pair of boots on the market actually does come with
a Boost sock liner. What would happen if you
used some polystyrene to create your own budget version? That’s what we’re going to be
doing on the Ace 71 Primeknit. As you gus can see, the Boost sock liner and
polystyrene look ever so similar, so we are really interested to see if polystyrene actually has
the same underfoot cushioning as the Boost from Adidas. To make your own Boost-like
sock liner is dead simple. All you need to do is get the
thinnest type of polystyrene you can find. You don’t want it to be too thick, because you still want to be able to fit into your football boots. You need a permanent marker and also some scissors. All you need to do is put your foot on top of the polystyrene, trace around it, and then cut around that shape. Then take out the original sock liner and slide the new Boost
polystyrene one in. Guys, polystyrene Boost sock
liner is the way forward! You need to try this out for yourselves! It’s so cheap. Just make sure that the
polystyrene you actually use is quite thin. Ours was in between and
it might just be too thick for a pair of football boots, just because it makes it
feel a little bit more bulky inside the boot. But, in terms of underfoot cushioning, this feels incredible., even better than Adidas’ Boost sock liner. This will give you more
comfort under foot. We all love the Adidas Nemesis
for it’s 360 Agility Bandage, but what would be the case if you used a very similar tape system on a different pair of football boots? Now the nice thing is about this one, we’re wearing the Messi 16.1s, which is actually very
similar to the Nemesis model that Messi wears at the moment, because it comes with
a burrito-style tongue. Using this this K-tape, we’re going to be creating our very own 360
Agility Bandage system. To make any boot on the market
pretty much very similar to the Nemesis, all you need to do is just get that tape, Make sure you’ve got your boot on first, all laced up. Then wrap the tape around the boot itself, starting with the upper
and then the sole-plate, and then work around the boot itself. Now, we left the toe box area exposed just with that Agility Knit, because that’s exactly the
same as what Messi has himself on his 17.1. Another good thing about this hack is that if you don’t want your
laces flapping around, then the tape is going to make
sure they stay stuck down. There’s a lot of football
and also rugby players who do this. In terms of how the new
Bandage Boost actually fit, I would say they feel tighter, more snug compared to the
standard version adjustive laces, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t do it. It just looks a little bit silly and also it makes the boots
look a little bit bulky from a top-down view. One of my favourite feelings
in a football boot is how the boots actually feel when striking the ball with power. On the Hypervenom, we’ve got Poron pods. On the Magista Obra,
we’ve got foam dimples. But what would happen
if we created our own on another pair of football boots using bubble wrap? To essentially make your own Poron pods, what you need to do is
get some bubble wrap, cut it out a shape across
the top of the foot. Now, once it’s cut out, you’re going to need to tape it down; otherwise, when you put
your foot into the boot, it’s going to start sliding around and not actually sit on top, where you want it to be, just like on the Hypervenom
and also the Magistas. (plastic crackling) So, once it’s all taped up, all you need to do is slide
your foot into the boot and then lace them up as normal. Now trust me, you are going to feel very packed out in your pair of football boots. A good thing is that the
Clutchfit that we had were half a size too big, so there were actually quite nice fitting. If you do have some very tight boots, there’s a massive chance that
these aren’t going to fit, just because of how much
more bulky they are now. When I started lacing up the boots, already the bubble wrap started to pop, which is really unusual, but let’s get into some running and also some ball striking. When running around, it still felt very strange. A little bit similar to our
polystyrene Boost sock liner. I did feel some air
cushioning underneath my foot, which was quite nice, but again a little bit unusual. I wouldn’t say I liked it, but when I struck some balls, then it did actually feel quite nice, like I had some big padding
just like on the Magista Obra 2. We all know that out of
the four solos by Nike, three of them come equipped with a mid-cut dynamic fit collar, like on the Superfly, the Phantom 3 DF, and the Magista Obra 2, but what would be the case
if we could put a collar on the Tiempo Legend 7, and also every single
pair of football boot? Well, that’s what we’re
going to be doing right now. This hack, again, is very simple. All you need to do is just
have your standard pair of football boots, a sock that you don’t mind cutting, some scissors, and a permanent marker. The first step you’re
going to need to do is put your sock on and then put
it into the football boot. Now, with the permanent marker, you need to mark through the lace holes, where you want the holes to go to put the laces through the sock to make it a very seamless fit. Once you’ve done that, take the boot off, take the sock off as well. Now, with your scissors, pierce those holes through the sock, which means you can actually lace the sock through the boot itself together. This next part is a little bit fiddly because you’re going to
need to lace the sock through the boot itself, which can just be a
little bit troublesome, especially if the boot is tight. Now we did this with Blake, because the Legends that
we got are a UK 8.5, which is pretty much Blake’s size. There’s no way that I could fit these in, but he did manage to get his Trusox on in those Legend 7s. This is how the boots actually look. I don’t think it gives
you the most seamless fit. Nothing like on the
dynamic fit collar of Nike, or also on those pure cut of the Aces. So guys, there it is, our Technology Hack video just for you. But out of the five which we showed you, which has been your
own personal favourite? Vote in a pole card for that, and also let us know
(hand smacks ball) in the comment section below if you’ve got any hacks of your own. But guys,
(hand smacks ball) that is it. All wrapped up for today’s video, so I hope you enjoyed it.
(hand smacks ball) Thanks for watching as always. We’ll see you next time.
(foot smacks ball)

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