FOOTBALL: Boise State Highlights

FOOTBALL: Boise State Highlights

Good evening, everybody,
and welcome to the blue turf of Albertson Stadium
here in Boise, Idaho, where it is a
rare Friday Night Lights edition of Cavalier football. Tonight, Virginia
opens its road schedule 2,400 miles away from
the friendly confines of Scott Stadium as it
takes on the Broncos of Boise State in the second all
time meeting between these two teams. Man in motion coming
to the near side. That’s [INAUDIBLE]. They hand it off to Wolpin, and
Wolpin slashes his way right through the middle
of the defense. Touchdown, Boise State. Here’s a quick throw over
the middle, quick slant to Evan Butts. He’s inside the 10, running
at the left hashmark, he’s cut down on the eight. It’s an 11 yard pick up. It’s a high snap. The handoff to Ellis,
who weaves his way through the heart of the
defense along the left guard. Touchdown, Virginia. The Cavaliers have answered. It’s 7-6 with 3:07 to play
here in the first quarter. Left or right, stops on
the left wing of the line. It’s a hand off to Jordan Ellis. Ellis weaves his way
through the defense. Open field across
the 50 to the 45, and he’s tackled near the 40,
but he dropped the football. Is he down? Yeah. They say he was down before
that ball popped free. Exiting out of the
backfield is Daniel Hamm. Benkert steps up the pocket,
throws down the field. He’s got a man open. Levrone turns around,
he makes the catch. Touchdown, Virginia! Andre Levrone puts
the Cavaliers ahead. It’s 13-7 on a beautiful
strike for Kurt Benkert. They’re going to fake
it– ball was fumbled– it was bobbled in the tackle. But he made it back at
the 34, Boise State. Virginia’s going to come up big. Takes this snap. Looking down the
right side, fires, completes the pass to Dowling. His man fell down. Dowling’s running, he’s to the
five– tripped up at goal line. Touchdown, Virginia! The Cavaliers Strike again. They’ve got a 20-7
lead with 1:07 to play here in
the opening half. And a hush descends
over Boise, Idaho. Jake Roh will take the snap. He scored on a touchdown
like this last week. This time, not going
to happen initially, but he continues
to charge ahead. Pretty darn good
half of football for a Virginia football team
that came in heavy underdogs. They’ve got the seven point
lead going into the break. They’ll get the football
to start the second half. Now Dowling in motion. Play action pass, Benkert,
with a five step drop. Time to throw. Going to air it thrown out. Throwing into double coverage. Andre Levrone makes the
catch over the shoulder. He’s into the endzone. Touchdown, Virginia,
on a perfect rainbow. Oh my goodness. 64 yards on the touchdown
strike, Kurt Benkert to Andre Levrone. Benkert takes the
snap, hands it off. A jet sweep to Zaccheaus. He’s got blue in front. He’s to the 40, 35, 30. Zaccheaus takes it to the house. 56 yards, Zaccheaus,
come on down! Benkert takes the
snap, chest high. Rifles the pass. It’s caught by Butts. Butts has the first
down and more, dragging defenders
across the 20. He’s got about
six blue jerseys– make it 10 by the
end of that play. And the hand off
will go to Ellis. Ellis weaves his way
through the defense. It leads ahead,
touchdown, Virginia. Jordan Ellis. Two receivers to his
left, one on the right. Virginia sends the blitz. Here they come. Kaiser hits him hard. Ball is going to be
intercepted off the deflection. It’s picked up at a 41 by
Brett Nelson, his second pick in as many weeks. One final knee for Kurt
Benkert, as the clock will wind its way down. There will be no further
plays in this one. You’re looking for a statement
win of the Bronco Mendenhall era, how about getting one
at his old stomping grounds, here in the foothills
of the Rocky Mountains. Virginia, 42, Boise
State, 23, a thumping here from Boise, Idaho.

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