FOOTBALL – Belk Bowl Victory Highlights

FOOTBALL – Belk Bowl Victory Highlights

One last time here from
Charlotte, North Carolina. After 33 days away, at long
last, postseason football is upon us again, as we come
to you from the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, Virginia attempts to
pick up its first postseason win in 13 years, as the
Cavaliers collide with the Gamecocks of
South Carolina in this 17th annual Belk Bowl. Perkins going to
call his own number. Sheds a defender, taking up
[INAUDIBLE],, gets a block. He’s across the 10 to the 5. And he is close to that
first down but just short. We’ll see what Virginia
likes to do here. This will be telling. Perkins looks to throw,
fires in over the middle, got a man wide open! It’s caught, Olamide
Zaccheaus, touchdown! Virginia! Zaccheaus standing
all by himself in the back of the end zone. And how about the
roll of the dice? Coming up seven on this drive. Virginia has the lead
to start this game. It’s 6-0 with a P-A-T pending. Good. Takes the snap up, third
down, fires on the near side, knocked away incomplete. Bryce Hall, who does
it better than anybody, breaks up yet another pass. Perkins throws over the middle. It’s complete to Zaccheaus. Zaccheaus still on his feet
inside the 15 to the 14, where he’s cut down just short
of the 13 by R.J. Roderick, the safety. But another first
down for the Hoos. There’s the snap and
the handoff to Ellis. Ellis up the middle,
a burst of opening, and he runs right to it and
rumbles into the end zone. Touchdown Virginia! A nine-yard run for Jordan
Ellis, as the senior finds his way to the end zone
for the 10th time this season. They’re going to send
four on the pressure. On the outside, Chris
Peace catches up to him. And now he is going to be sacked
by Eli Hanback, who comes in to help. Chris Peace was right
in the middle of it from start to finish, as Mack
[INAUDIBLE] also got in there. What a way to end the half. Blitz coming,
Bentley scrambling, gets away from one
defender, but he’s not going to get away from Jordan Mack. Mack holds on. He’ll get credit for the sack as
they blow him down back at 13. And Virginia’s about to
get the football back in potentially pretty
good field position. Standing tall in the pocket,
dumps it over the middle, it’s caught by
Olamide Zaccheaus, who scurries into the end zone. Touchdown Virginia! The Cavaliers now lead
it by three scores. It’s 20 to 0, with
a P-A-T pending. Four-man rush for Virginia,
steps up, pocket collapsing, and he’s going to
be sacked by Snyder. Bentley waiting on the snap,
takes it, straight drop back, fires the pass to the end
zone– incomplete, no one home. The blitz pass is
going to be intercepted right into the hands
of Juan Thornhill with his sixth pick of the year. Bounces off a defender. Still on his feet down
the near sideline right. He can scoot across
the 30 to the 25, where he’s dragged down from
behind on a horse collar. Flag flies, and Juan
Thornhill flies again one more time, as a Wahoo. Here’s the snap. Perkins bouncing around in the
pocket, nowhere to go with it. Now he throws over the middle. It’s going to be caught. Olamide Zaccheaus into the end
zone for the third time today. Touchdown Virginia! It’s 27 to 0 here in the
fourth quarter in Charlotte. Steps up in the pocket,
throws up his back, where it’s going
to be intercepted! Picked up on the near
sideline by Tim Harris, one of those seniors coming
up with a great senior moment late in this one. And the celebration is on
here in Charlotte, Virginia, with its first shutout
victory since 2008 to cap off this Belk Bowl win. 28 to 0, Virginia, taking
down the SEC South Carolina Gamecocks, who are
no match, as UVA is off to an eight-win season
for the first time since 2011. What a victory for this group. What an important
win for this group, for Bronco Mendenhall’s program.

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