FOOTBALL: Belk Bowl – Player Post Game

FOOTBALL: Belk Bowl – Player Post Game

[MUSIC PLAYING] How satisfying is it to
have a productive day like this in this game? It’s not about me,
it’s about the team. Just came here to win. That was the expectation. We did what we came out to set– to do here. It still hasn’t hit
me yet, to be honest. I’m just excited to get
this win of my brothers and this organization. We’re moving in the
right direction. Really, just like I’ve been
saying this whole week, it just comes down to our
execution versus theirs, and I just feel like if we
had played a complete game, had one turnover. Coach Mendenhall always talks
about getting our pillar, and in order to win,
we need to score 24. Defense needs to hold them
under 24, and we did that today. We weren’t here for a vacation. This was a business trip, and
we wanted to win this game. It was probably going
to be most memorable. I don’t know if it’s
the best, but definitely the most memorable,
just how we prepared. We got after it,
this whole bowl prep, and we didn’t take
any day lightly. And it paid off for us. Kind of just take
everything in, and you just reflect on everything that
you did to get to that point. And like I said,
it was worth it. It was hard, but
it was worth it. And one thing, Coach
Mendenhall, he’ll always have a place in my heart
for just how hard he pushes us. His gifts aren’t orthodox, but– [LAUGHTER] But nonetheless, they
are gifts, so you just take that however you please. [LAUGHTER] Honestly, I with I
had another year, because I know next
year is going to even be better than this year. But I’m just happy
that, like you said, I was able to leave this
place better than I found it. And appreciative
for Coach Mendenhall on the staff for
everything that they’ve done for me and my teammates,
and just everybody who’s involved in this
organization, this program. I’m just so thankful
for everyone. I mean, he’s a smart player,
and he reads coverages well. You meet him, talk on the
sideline about what it is I see, what it is he sees. He’s so easy to work with. You scramble, he scrambles. You see, oh, he’s
working the open space, and it’s easy like that. It makes it easy on
me, for a guy like me, to just go find him
and give him the ball. We definitely want to
push the [? metal, ?] and keep our foot
on their throats, and just keep it up, keep it up,
keep it up, and wear them down, wear them down. During drives, you’ll see
their hands on their hips. You can see them being
tired again, more lethargic, so that’s what we urged. Coach Anae talked about it. It’s going to come down
to who wants it more, and it’ll come down to our
speed versus their speed. Trying to get a couple
of plays in a huddle, and then after that, just
switch it up real quick and go fast pace. So we had a great
game play coming in, and it was definitely effective. [? It’s ?] a big win. It’s helping us a lot,
especially getting recruits, and being an SEC team
is helping us big time. Because the guys
going out with a win, it’s just a great feeling. As a senor, what
does it mean to you? That was one of
the things I wanted so bad before when I left. I wanted a winning
season, and then finally getting the opportunity
go to a ballgame and win it. And it came today, and it showed
up, and we played very well, and came out pretty successful. In your wildest dreams,
did you think it would be a shutout like that? Honestly, I came into this
game prepared for a shutout. That’s all we’ve been talking
about this whole week, is how many points
can we take away from them because we know that
they average 32 points a game. And our goal is to keep them
away from that 32 points, and then once we saw that they
had zero in the fourth quarter, our goal is to not
let them score at all. [CHEERING]

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  1. I was there and thoroughly enjoyed the whole game. UVA fans and alumni were great and showed some class. While some of the USC crowd showed what alcohol will do for some individuals with their mouth.

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