Football, Basketball and Cricket World Cup | Harry Says Bak Bak Bakchodi | Ep 3


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Harry Says Bak Bak Bakchodi. Sports is such a wonderful thing that not only physically but it helps you to be mentally strong also. Today I will talk about my three favourite sports. Football, NBA and Cricket. All the major football leagues are over now.
Amongst the winners were Manchester City in England, P.S.G. in France, Bayern in Germany, Juventus in Italy, and my favourite, Barcelona in Spain. Recently, Champions League final happened between two amazing english clubs. After losing the finals last time, Liverpool were the better team and they won this game. Now, since all seasons are over,
fans like us can sleep now. There will be no late night matches. And there will be no fights between fans. Thank… whoa… well… Damn, how did Liverpool won the UCL?
Tonight, we will play the final again. Bro, you’re Ronaldo fan, right?
Let’s play Messi versus Ronaldo. Let me show you who’s your daddy! Bro, Messi is father of all. He is the G.O.A.T. – Greatest Of All Time.
Goat? If your Messi is GOAT, my Ronaldo is GOD, okay? GOD. He will defeat you single handed. If I couldn’t defeat you tonight, I will change my name… I can defeat you with India also. Come on, let’s start. We’ll see. Come, come. Here you go! 1-0, I told you! Where’s your GOAT now? There’s always best of three in FIFA, come. I will defeat you thrice then! “Hi there everybody, I am Martin Tyler,
Alan Smith is with me.” Hey man! Hey hey… Bro… can we play best of 7? Shall we play best of 9? Come man, let’s play some more. Come on. Bro, best of 17? Come, come bro. Bro, best of 33?
Oh, you just play, haha! You lost like this also…oh man! Hahahaha Brother, bro, please on last… please last, bro, please please please… Bro, you lost again or what! That’s it man. I am going to sleep now, enough But I was the one who won the first. What are you saying? By the way, when it comes to gaming, the best single player sports game is the
NBA 2K MyCareer mode. Two legends of the game, Dirk Nowitski and
Dwayne Wade have retired this season. But NBA hasn’t disappointed us. Joel Embid and Greek Freak are doing the wonders. Bro, say Ante. Ante. Teko…Teko… Unmpo… Unmpo. From the epiglottis… Unmpo. Unmpo. Antetokounmpo Aunty tum po. O man, just say Giannis. Say like this man, Giannis! Giannis from Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis from Bucks, Bucks.
Oh man, just leave it… NBA has been absolutely amazing this year. As I speak, the finals are happening between
Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors. And this time, if Golden State Warriors win again, then this will be their hattrick win! Bro, you can’t play basketball. Your height is too short. What are you saying man… Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, both are short. They play so well… your brother can also play. Bro, those players are above six feet, and besides height, you have a
deficiency of talent as well. But they always looked short on T.V. But where there’s no shortage of talent… that’s our Indian Cricket Team. The biggest sporting event that we all were waiting for has already started. Virat… is my true love. God swear, he is my true love. Anushka and I see god in him…god. Come on ‘Cheeku Paaji’, come on. Gabbar, will score a half century. Half century it is! Half Century? Don’t worry… next time, I will say full century. D.R.S. means Dhoni Review System. Boom Boom Bumrah! Bumrah bamboozles! Bro, here are the Kul-Chas, now it will rain wickets. Bro, he will spin like this, then this and….**OUT** Oye Jaddu! 2019’s Cricket World Cup has started. And not just our team, but all of us are preparing to get the Cricket’s crown back home. Oye Mithu, what’s the score? ‘Hain’? It’s written there… it’s there. How many wickets have fallen Shunty?
Can’t you see? ‘Hain’? ‘Hain’? ‘Hain’? ‘Hain’? Hey Shunty, Rahul Dravid is still playing? ‘Hain’? He is K.L. Rahul. Is he Kuldeep Singh? ‘Hain’? From Amritsar? Yeah yeah. Amritsar from Kuldeep! ‘Hain’? ‘Hain’? ‘Hain’? ‘Hain’? They made 250! Now it’s very difficult to make 250 in England… Only rain can save India now. ‘Hain’? WE WON!! We will take the Cricket’s Crown Madamji! No matter how our team plays in World Cup, we all will support them fully! And we will try that we can say this in final also. We have won! We have won! Well, I only follow these three sports… but whatever sport you all like… tennis, badminton, hockey, kabaddi, table tennis… stay connected to that sport. Keep supporting your favourite players. And please… don’t just watch the game, play the game. I can neither hear the name of any states.
Nor can I see them. I can only hear the country’s name… In-di-a If you like this episode,
do share this with your friends and family. Send us a mail to do collaborations. Till then… Who is this Vijay Shankar? Who is Chahal? What’s the score? ‘Hain’?’Hain’?

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