Football Basics : How to Throw a Football Like a Pro

Football Basics : How to Throw a Football Like a Pro

Hi, I’m Ryan McCann, and we’re going to talk
about how to throw a football like a pro. First of all you want to start with a good
base. Good foundation to throw from. Once you get that; well, that requires just a good
solid foundation where you’re in balance and if somebody comes to push you, you’re, you
know, you’re set. At that point, square up you’re shoulders to where you’re throwing,
take a nice step, throw it. There are a lot of different ways that you can throw a football.
The main thing that you need to focus on are two hands on the ball. So, if somebody comes
up from behind you or in front of you, they don’t knock it out of your hand. So, don’t
be swinging around like this. Two hands on the ball and you want to keep the ball ideally
up, up around your shoulders. You don’t want to carry the ball down here because what that
does it causes you to have a slow release. And the further along you progress in your
career, the quicker the decisions need to be, and the quicker you need to get rid of
the football. So, you might as well learn young. Have the ball here and have the quickest
release as possible meaning don’t take the ball here and then drop it down here to throw
it. Have the ball here, boom, quick release. You guys can watch John Elway; holds the ball
here, doesn’t even wind up, throws it from there. Dan Marino, another great release.
Other things to know about throwing a football, like I said, about earlier, gripping the football;
whatever is comfortable to you, just as long as you get a nice feel and spiral. When you
throw a football, you don’t throw it like a baseball like this. You throw a football
like this, boom. So, what happens is, is the ball comes out, comes out of your hand and
spirals to give it the ultimum trajectory to your target.

100 thoughts on “Football Basics : How to Throw a Football Like a Pro

  1. Does this guy know what he's on about? Holding the ball up near your neck only really happens in movies. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, they all hold it at their chest, the right way.

  2. SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Do u realise that's bullying. He is trying to help people that are new. The video might not be good but it help me heaps. Thanks.

  3. Um… no offense ut I learned all of that when I was about three years old, and that is what they teach in my elementary school every day

  4. Why are people being dicks man hes trying to show you. If you know how to throw, why are you here? Just don't watch it instead of bashing him.

  5. Bwahaha this shits too funny, this guy sounds like hes coked out or something which is why his QB experience is  starting QB at UCLA in 2000 or 1 year or college ball. Than he proceeds to say how to throw like a pro and just gives very mediocre info and delivers it in the funniest way possible. Bravo! 

  6. he sucks, i'm 14 and i throw quicker, harder, with more accuracy (I just guess in that point) and with a better style, do not listen to these guy, young coaches!

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  8. No.
    This is bad.
    I felt out of breath just watching this guy stuggle to stand there with those cut off sleeves and act like a quarterback.

  9. It took me a while to see that he is left left handed, so i was twisting my arm the wrong way making the ball look like a dead cat trying to fly LOL

  10. tips to make a really good spiral, first get your hand centered on the white grid part, second throw hardly and have a good quick release, third profit

  11. at 1:50 he even spins the ball the wrong way out of his hand while he is demonstrating the spin. lol poor guy needs to take a little breather.

  12. I can throw a spiral but I cant lead that well or judge how much force I should a football downfield. I usually underthrow it by like 2 and a half feet. Any tips?

  13. I just searched this up because my gym teacher told me to throw it to him and I threw it like wayyyy over there like o my god

  14. I would understand if he ran a marathon before shooting a video if he actually did some throwing and training drills but no he threw one ball at the end.

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