Football Basics : How to Stretch Before Playing Football

Football Basics : How to Stretch Before Playing Football

How are you doing? I am Ryan McCann and I’m
going to talk to your about how to stretch before a big football game. When you are getting
ready to play a football game you want to stretch. You want to stretch every part of
your body because, it’s very vital, because football is a contact sport and it’s a very
physical game. You want to make sure that all parts of your body are loose and stretched
out. It will also make you more in tune with your body. So when you are running down the
sidelines, trying not to step out, you will be much more in touch with yourself, your
body and you will prevent injury. What I normally do is to do some laps, not necessarily laps
but kind of jog and get the blood flowing and then I’ll start with a nice stretch down
the middle and let it hang there for a good thirty seconds, move to the right leg for
a good thirty seconds. Keep it nice and stretched, you don’t want to bounce just kind of nice
and easy. Gradually increase the stretch as you go. Come up, lean back, get the groin
stretched nice and good, you might want to do it a few times, don’t want to be stretching
until it hurts, just a good stretch is what you want to feel. Move up, stretch the back,
get everything loosened up take it to the legs, you want to go to through the quad stretch
both legs, get up on something and do a nice calf and Achilles stretch ’cause you’ll be
doing a lot of work with your legs today. Then you move it up to the upper body. Then
we get the arms stretched, a quarterback will want to stretch a little extra time stretching
the arm. You want to stretch the rear deltoid of your shoulder, bring it up and over and
then stretch the under arm, the lat, work it into the tricep and then you want to pull
it behind your back grab your elbow, kind of a full stretch in the front, get it nice
and loose then when you grab the football just start playing some nice easy catch nice
and close everything starts kind of slow and you kind of increase as you get warm and get
loose. It’s very important as a football player to stretch your neck, especially as a defensive
player you are going to be taking some hits and hitting people so you want to slowly stretch
your neck like this, both ways, kind of get it nice and loose and then when preparing
for a football game when you are doing your weight training your coach will have you doing
a lot of neck stretches and neck exercises where you are crushing against and you want
to have a good strong neck as it’s a vital part of your body, the spine. Don’t forget
a very important part of your body to stretch, especially in football, because you are doing
a lot of running is the hip flexors, if your hip flexors are tight, they are going to create
problems and tightness in your back and your quads and your knees so you want to make sure
that everything is stretched out. You want to work up into the low back good nice stretch
and straightening up until the time of the game, you want to work it up to all parts
of your upper body: your arms, your triceps, your biceps, your forearms, your fingers all
the way up into your neck and relaxation and the good piece of mind. Like Vic “the Brick”
Jacobs says “the bamboo you want to be like the bamboo, strong but the hollow center,
you want to be very mellow”.

15 thoughts on “Football Basics : How to Stretch Before Playing Football

  1. I was told by a guy that played in the NFL that NFL teams don't stretch anymore. He said that they found out that stretching is a bad thing now. Anybody know anything about that?

  2. I personally understand the importance of stretching but when a guy that played in the NFL for more than 10 years tells me team that NFL teams don't stretch anymore I can't really dispute him. Also recently on the radio I heard a fan call in and ask why the Bills players don't stretch together before games like some other teams do.

  3. maybe they stretch in there hotel rooms separately?? or maybe there flexible enuf when they stretch during practices.may be those play a factor.??

  4. Sportsvideogaming, you are right for the most part. A light warm-up is fine as long as you are not over stretching the muscles and ligament. Over stretching can lead to injury because the muscles and ligaments are to loose. In my opinion the best way to warm-up is with functional movements.

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