Football Basics : Basic Rules of Football

Football Basics : Basic Rules of Football

Hi, my name’s Otis St. Clair and I’m here
today to talk to you about the basic rules of football. Let’s start with the offense,
the offense is allowed four downs to get another first down, for another four downs with opportunity
to score a touchdown. The offense can not jump off sides, before the snap of the ball.
The offense can not hold while blocking and here are some basic defensive rules to keep
you in the game. One, you must stay on sides and cannot make contact with an offensive
player before the ball is snapped. You cannot hold or interfere with the pass receiver while
the ball is in the air, that’s called pass interference; that’s a fifteen yard penalty,
or a spot foul, place where, the ball is placed where the foul occurred. You are not allowed
to rough passer, which means once he releases the ball, if you’re in the midst of grabbing
him, throwing him down, that’s a penalty, that’s a ten yard penalty. And, those are
some basic rules of football.

44 thoughts on “Football Basics : Basic Rules of Football

  1. wow. This is so basic!!! you really needed to watch this to learn that stuff? You should already know this!!! Why would you sign urself up for the team if u didnt no this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its hard to explain football in a video…you have to watch football
    to fully understand…once you understand football its easy.

  3. @wizardsxx you get four chances to get 10 ten yards if you can't get 10 yards in four downs(chances) then the ball goes to the other team, that's why if it's 1st down in 10 or more(which means you only have 1 chance to get 10 yards or more) they bring out the punter to kick the ball far away so that the other team has to start from far away.

  4. This is the worst try on teaching me American Football Rules EVER – and as I'm german, quite a lot of people did attempt to explain that to me 🙂

  5. @oJKBo i could not get into my gymnasie(Swedish Highschool) unless i played for it's team, so i switched from icehockey to american football because of that.

  6. Well I love Soccer !

    But my friend and I want to play now in a American Football team my question is : Is American Football so difficult to understand ?

  7. How TF do any of you people expect to learn without knowing the terminology, seriously what did you expect, in depth details from a video that is 1 min 7 sec long??

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