FOOTBALL: 2019 Fall Camp – Player Interviews

FOOTBALL: 2019 Fall Camp – Player Interviews

Not really a difference,
and just a mindset coming into camp,
difference in the work I put in from this
year last year. But I’ve always been trying
to work hard and just be the best I can
be for this team. So that hasn’t changed. Just the work I put
in to do so has. I think this offense is going
to change from this year to last year. So we have a lot more guys. We have a lot more
depth at receiver. And guys have gotten
so much better and expanded their roles. So it’s going to be all
over the place as far as who gets touches. And [INAUDIBLE] says,
Joe will probably be some of the
roster O did and TK. He will probably
be in that role, him and TK will be in that role. But as far as the offense, it’s
going to be totally different. I think this front
seven could be dominant, returning turning six
of the front seven guys. And so I think, just
another year under our belt, another year of work
and consistency, and all the coaches
are pushing us, because they know
how good we can be. But they also know
that if we don’t work that we won’t be very good. And so I think this front
seven can be dangerous. After the year that UVA has
had– not just you guys, but basketball and lacrosse– how is being a UVA
athlete a little bit different this year
compared to previous years? It’s kind of cool walking
around, seeing national champs, seeing the guys in the
dining hall and stuff. But there’s a lot of momentum
going forward with the program. And it’s kind of
building off of what those last guys did, keeping
that momentum going forward. There’s more shoes to
fill, bigger shoes to fill. My first year I was with Quin. Last year, I was with Juan. Now it’s just, the
guys that are here now, there’s a lot of names
that are not big names yet. But I think the shoes to
fill are easily filled. So I think we’ll do a good job,
even without Juan and them. It’s going to be exciting. I feel like, as a
team, we don’t feel like we’ve earned anything yet. We’re still chasing that goal. And last year, two years
ago, the team motto was New Standard, but
that’s our standard now. So now, we’re just focused
on believing in and believing in each other. This past summer was just
grueling, and just all of us coming together, the
injured guys coming back, the veterans really stepping up,
bringing the first-years back. So I believe that even though
we’re picked to do that, I think we’re still
earning whatever we have, not just a media-based thing.

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